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5 Health Benefits of Growing Your Own Food

Growing Your Own Food. 5 Health Benefits

Whether you’re already interested or just beginning to learn, now is the perfect time of year to start growing a vegetable garden. The bountiful...
How Being Outdoors Affects Your Health

Being Outdoors Affects Your Health!

The effects of getting outside, along with other forms of exercise, is easy to underestimate. You may not want to deal with bugs, heat,...
Coronavirus Impacts Mental Health

How Coronavirus Impacts Mental Health

As the Covid-19 pandemic rapidly finds its way around the world, so is disruption in the lives of majority people across the globe. This...

How To Care For Your Loved One With Dementia During The COVID-19 Pandemic

A pandemic is an epidemic of disease that is not confined to any geographical location and spreads to different nooks and corners in the...
Overcome A Sedentary Lifestyle

8 Tips To Overcome A Sedentary Lifestyle

Living a sedentary lifestyle has become a growing issue for people all around the world. Many people will typically spend hours of their day...
Learn How To Find Your Community

How To Find A Sense Of Community

HOW TO FIND A SENSE OF COMMUNITY HOLISTIC LIVING MAGAZINE ISSUE 20 MARCH 2020 Editor in Chief Sharon White Editor at Large Cassandra Jones Layout Artist Francisco Mendoza III...
Make Your Garden More Energy Efficient

Ways To Make Your Garden More Energy Efficient

When it comes to running your household, coming up with strategies to save money is a delicate task that requires you to use all...
make you sick

Is What You’re Eating Making You Sick?

Allergies are an overreaction of the body's immune system to a specific component, usually a protein. Proteins may be from foods, pollens, house dust, animal...
5 Bodyweight Exercises For Anytime, Anywhere Fitness

5 Bodyweight Exercises For Anytime, Anywhere Fitness

A bodyweight exercise routine can form part of an effective and efficient exercise plan. No equipment is needed, and yet there are plenty of...
Indoor Yoga

Benefits Of Indoor Yoga

The benefits of outdoor yoga have been documented thoroughly, and many of these benefits are valid. However, these benefits are not inclusive to all...