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Grieving With An Open Heart: Gratitude & Grief [Coping With Grief]

The concept of Gratitude is a really good one, in theory. Getting into a state of gratitude though when we are really challenged is...

Being With Grief Part 2: Life Is What You Make It

“Baby, life’s what you make it – don’t backdate it’ – Talk Talk As a widow in my second year, I am constantly presented with...
dealing with grief

Dealing With Grief

What I learned in my first year of grieving, I want to share my story of dealing with grief with you... In April 2014, my...
Phillip Hughes

Phillip Hughes Death. Why Does The Death Of Famous People Affect Us So Much?

I've just had a brilliant conversation with two of my girlfriends. We started out talking about how one of us is passionate about stopping...

Returning To Consciousness

I am listening to a podcast right now. My friend lost her partner 3 weeks ago. She called him her soul man. She has...