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Beliefs: The World Is My Playground

Belief as a topic has so much depth that I’d love to just sit down and talk about it with you all, and enjoy...
Writer's Block

Getting Back Into Flow. Recovering From Writer’s Block.

There’s a beautiful irony in the fact that I was running late in submitting this article because of writer’s block. Right up to and...
Defining Consciousness

Energy And Defining Consciousness

ENERGY AND DEFINING CONSCIOUSNESS HOLISTIC LIVING MAGAZINE ISSUE 8 MARCH 2017 Editor in Chief Sharon White Editor at Large Cassandra Jones Layout Artist Francisco Mendoza III If you want...
Embrace Self Love

7 Great Steps To Building A Better Heart Vibration

Mr right needs your heart. Is it available? I have had the amazing opportunity to work with single women looking for Mr Right for more...
jesus healing

Vibrational Healing & Energetic Healing

This is part three in a three part article on how to raise your vibration. If you want to read the 20 previous points you can...
vibrational healing

Vibrational Healing 30 Ways To Change Vibration

Would you like to have a stronger connection to spirit, have more positive thoughts, and have better physical health and an improved emotional state?...

We Are An Intentional Expression Of Oneness

We are an intentional expression of Oneness, the Divine essence that is the origin of the universe. Each child carries within him a seed of...

Easy, Effective Protection For Everyday People

I have been asked again about psychic protection for everyday experience.  This is a condensed version of a series of articles posted over the...

How Are We All Connected?

Question:  Can you explain how we are all connected? Answer:  There are so many levels upon which one may answer this question.  I will attempt...
A New View For The World

Message From The Whispers In The Winds: A New View For The World

It has come to be that most see the world in a linear manner.  A polarity based duality that is purely analytical, competitive in...

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