Are You Your Beliefs?

Are You Your Beliefs?

If I leap from a tall building without a parachute I believe I am likely to be seriously injured or even die. I can believe that is what will happen because I am not a bird and can’t fly!

If I stop doing anything and sit on the couch day in and day out, I believe I will be happy. I can believe this because I am not happy now and just want to do nothing.

I believe that life is more than what I do every day. Go to bed, sleep, get up, eat, go to work, play, talk, go shopping, have a shower, visit friends and family and then do it all over again.

I can believe that it is true that there is much more to life and living than what I or you do every day, because when I was a child I could see people who weren’t like me or my family. I could see through them yet they were moving around.

And as I grew older I could not only see them but hear and talk with them. I had many occasions as a nurse when I saw spirit walking the passage ways, they seemed to be repeating the same path every day or night.

Over time I came to understand that the spirits I saw were in fact doing what I call “looping.”

They existed on a different plane of life, but only that it was like a time warp, and they relived their last days or even minutes of their physical life here and were essentially stuck in that loop.

I came to know how to help them by releasing them from the “loop” and in that my faith and belief in a higher power and different planes of existence was formed.

So what is a belief and how does it affect our life and who we are?

A Belief Is;

  • “An acceptance that something exists or is true especially one without proof.”
  • “Trust, confidence and faith in something or someone”
  • A belief system is a set of mutually supported beliefs that form a religion or political party
  • A belief is your foundation of your life
  • A way of looking at life and
  • What you stand for

Your beliefs are first formed through your immediate family, were their belief systems are imposed upon you and this may be in teaching you right from wrong, what is accepted and not accepted and are set by the foundations of belief in your family environment.

As you grow and move through different circles of life you will experience other beliefs and belief systems.

You might adapt these new beliefs into your life or you may choose to form your own, thereby creating your own foundation of a belief system. Would there be any value to your life by designing your life by your beliefs?

Through my experience as a nurse and my practices as a Holistic Lifestyle Practitioner, I have seen that beliefs which are put upon a person in the…

Many, many times over the years I have found that the people who struggle the most in everyday life and who succumb to serious illness or disease, are without a strong foundation of beliefs in anything other than what they can touch, see, feel, taste or hear…

Beliefs form who you are and what you stand for but even more importantly I feel that beliefs provide you with the opportunity to know you are never alone in this world and that there is more to life than what you do every day.

You can read the FULL version of this article in our quarterly eZine, ‘Holistic Living Magazine,’ look for Edition 9 on this archive page.  There’s many more articles about beliefs waiting for you too!

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