Being Hypersensitive In An Insensitive World


On a daily basis we meet people with the complaint that they feel overwhelmed by what they are feeling in their emotions, their minds and their bodies. They feel affected by the general lack of care and kindness in the world.

They sometimes even get angry at the huge injustices of the world and tend to take things very personally. This definitely affects their standard of living and mostly they hide a bit from the world and their true selves.

In more esoteric terms people usually would say that this is the energy of an “empath” but this oversensitive energy (unlike the empath) feels emotions, negative thoughts and physical sensation very deeply whereas the empath focuses more on feeling emotions intensely.

October always brings out this oversensitive energy in all of us, the reason for this comes from the natural cycles of life, in short this is a very sensitive, intuitive, psychically powerful month.

The ancients understood this and created celebrations like Halloween, Diwali and Day of the Dead to celebrate these energies.

Signs That You Might Be Experiencing A Hypersensitive Month:

  • You feel emotions more deeply than before
  • Silly things really move you, almost always to tears
  • You feel a bit drained and overwhelmed
  • Aches and pains
  • Headaches
  • The world seems a bit confusing to you at the moment
  • More psychic experiences than before
  • Intense dreams or nightmares
  • You over-analyse things that people have said
  • Battle to clear your mind
  • Feeling a bit stuck
  • Feeling burdened, it is all too much
  • Sudden bouts of depression or melancholy
  • Feeling like you need a quiet space and little interaction with other beings
  • Feeling like dropping everything that you have worked for in your life and reinventing your self
  • Energy sensitivity
  • Crowded places making you tired
  • Overeating
  • Abusing substance or alcohol
  • Stress and anxiety with no trigger

What Does Hypersensitivity Do To Your Body?

Hypersensitivity activates all the stress hormones (cortisol, adrenalin) in your body, this will in turn activate your emotional and mental bodies in your aura and give you a general feeling of unease.

This feeling of unease is a direct reflection of what is going on energetically around you. Long periods of unease will lead to dis-ease and finally disease.

So, what happens with most hypersensitive people is that the unprocessed emotional energy that they feel from their environment or people around them will create all sorts of unexplainable aches and pains in the physical body.

It will also create emotional pain (sadness, grief, discontent) in the emotional body, mental pain in the mental body (anger, frustration and irritation) and finally spiritual pain (not relating) as a feeling of being lost or being on the wrong planet.

Is This World Too Intense For Me?

Being hypersensitive will often create a feeling that this world is too intense for you. It is important to separate yourself slightly from the different energies around you and not to take on energy that does not belong to you.

The first step in achieving this is awareness.


Awareness starts with you being present with your own energy. It is quite easy to get lost in the energy soup around us, so awareness will help you to discern what is yours and what belongs to the energy around you.


After awareness comes choice, you have to learn to choose what is aligned with you and what can be potentially harmful to your energy.

An easy way to discern what is aligned is to know your own energy quite well, this means establishing a base line energy to work from.

A baseline energy can be something like: “I am usually quite happy and positive in most circumstances” or “I am quite sensitive to negative energy”.

Once you have established a baseline energy then it makes it easier to see which energy belongs to you and which energy is trying to infiltrate your energy body.

Unfortunately the world out there is quite intense in general and to detach from that intensity can be quite trying for a hypersensitive person.


The final step is to honor your sensitivity and not to see it as a curse or a hindrance. Your sensitivity is helping you continuously to discern what is good for you and what to engage with. It gives you valuable information about the energy world within you and around you.

To recap: become more aware of the energies around you, choose what energy to engage with and finally honor your sensitivity, which means listen to it.

Hypersensitivity As A Blessing

Being hypersensitive can often feel like a curse, it can feel that it is preventing you from leading a fulfilled life. Hypersensitivity can be used as tool to help yourself and others to navigate this energy world.

You can use this energy to find ways to support your mind and nervous system. By calming the nervous system you will be able to access this energy and utilize in a usable way.

What does this mean practically? You will become more in-tune with yourself, your surroundings and others.

You will get insights and intuitive flashes that will give you information about how to respond to life. The inability to listen to this information will lead to reaction instead of response.

Response mean you are aware of the energy and you choose how you work with it, reaction means you are unaware of the energy and you become a victim to energy manipulation.

In conclusion hypersensitivity should be used as a tool to achieve a greater and deeper awareness of the energy world, the key is to use this psychic information in a slightly detached way.

Do The Following Exercise:

  • Sit quietly and breathe
  • Ask the consciousness of your body to show you what you can do to support it
  • Ask your the consciousness of your body to show you how to release stuck energy
  • Ask the consciousness of your body to show you how to release stuck thought patterns
  • Follow the promptings or intuitions received

Hypersensitivity As A Curse

Hypersensitivity unrealized and unprocessed will lead to emotional and mental fragmentation.  It can also cause physical dis-ease patterns (usually ones that creates immune deficiencies).

If seen as a curse and a person can’t seem to edit the influx of energetic information then there are some remedies that will support.

In general anything that calms down the nervous system will support and help. Supplements like Calm Shen or adaptogens like Rhodiola can be most helpful.

Gentle physical exercise like walking and yoga, meditation and contemplation as well as creative projects can all support.

Still not finding relief? An energy clearing and rebalancing session is always a good idea. Sometimes your energy body just can’t create enough energy on its own to release the buildup of negative energy.

Energy clearing and re-balancing, emotional clearing and family karmic pattern clearing will assist and return your energy body to its natural rhythm.

October & Hypersensitivity


This time of the year most people run around with anger in their minds and frustration in their souls, most people will attribute this to the culmination of year end and still having so much to do.

In fact October is one of those months where a lot of unconscious energy is being shifted into greater awareness.

Practically this means that we are processing our sh*te, this can feel like exhaustion, irritation, anger, frustration and for some hopelessness. It is an opportunity to heal, reflect and process unwanted unconscious thoughts and behavior.

What we have seen over the years is that ritual is very important in this month, firstly to connect to your Higher Self but to also process the energy that needs transformation.

It is important not to get too involved with other people’s stuff at this moment in time, everyone is going through this, even if they are not aware of these natural cycles.

As the underworld energy reaches the outer edges of our consciousness to get transformed it creates energy wobbles in our body, mind and emotions.

This has happened to most people this last month and the reason for this is that the veils separating all the different energy levels are very thin at the moment. It is all about making the unconscious, conscious.

The Ancients understood this yearly phenomenon and created sacred days to balance this energy, Halloween, All Saints day, Diwali and Day of the Dead is all about honoring the underworld energies and transforming them into light. Hard work indeed.

It is important to show gentleness and compassion to the ones who are not aware of this phenomenon as they will most probably feel the frustration, irritation, resentment and anger but project it onto the people around them.

Things To Do To Balance This Energy:

  • Light candles
  • Burn natural incense
  • Create a love altar for loved ones
  • Bring spring flowers in your home
  • Listen to uplifting music
  • Clear your home with sacred herbs
  • Create daily rituals for contemplation and connection.

It is a time for renewal and bringing in new light and energy. This will lighten the heart and bring new positive experiences into your life.

It is a good time to invest is some energy healing and clearings. This is traditionally spring cleaning time so remember to declutter and clear your home space to invite light and happiness into your space for the coming months. If your home is feeling a little heavy or out of sorts, house clearing options are available with us.

You can find much more information on living a holistic lifestyle in these free magazines and on our YouTube channel.

My name is Berto Voigt and I live in Cape Town, South Africa. I landed on my spiritual path by “accident” or it might have been destiny. Since I can remember I could see shapes and “stuffs” especially at night and always thought it was just my imagination. As I grew older these shapes became more distinct and sometimes more colourful and I realised I can see things that most people can’t. In my late teens I went through what I realised many years later as a spiritual awakening or a calling. I had to learn how to apply this “gift” in a balanced form in my life. I participated in various courses, studying many different healing modalities, but kept my focus as an Intuitive Auric Healer.

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