5 Ways To Enjoy The Holiday Season. Stress Free Xmas

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How do you have a stress free xmas was a question I asked Pru Proctor this week. She is one of our holistic health experts. This is the time of the year where SO MANY people get stressed and buy into the marketing behind xmas.

We are taught that we have to spend hundreds or thousands of dollars at this time of the year to make others happy.

This is just not true. Spending time with your loved ones is the BEST GIFT you can give them. We are so focused on the material things we are supposed to give each other and we forget what really matters.

If we spent LESS time in the shops and MORE time with people we love, our loved ones will be happier, our bank accounts will be happier and we will be less stressed…. an alternative is to shop online for stress free shopping which also helps with shopping anxiety relief.

Here are some great tips from Pru to make your holiday season stress free. Go grab yourself a cuppa, put your feet up and listen. (Don’t mind me – I was having one of those days where words don’t come out straight! ho ho ho)

Coping With Christmas – 5 Ways To Enjoy The Holiday Season, Stress Free by Prue Proctor

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