Releasing Trauma to De-stress, Relax & Heal – Richmond Heath Interview By Sharon White


A Tremor A Day Keeps The Doctor Away

If stress was something we could consciously control, we’d simply let it go – but we can’t always do that because it’s deeply ingrained in our physical body.

TRE is a simple technique that deliberately invokes our body’s innate shaking & tremoring reflex to physically releases stress & tension below the level of our conscious control.

Using simple exercises, TRE invokes this natural recovery reflex in a safe & controlled way, allowing you to use the technique in as little as 5-10 minutes simply lying on the floor or in the comfort of your own bed.

As most people have been told spontaneous shaking & trembling is a symptom of shock, fear & anxiety (or a sign of weakness or lack of control during exercise) we inherently tend to suppress these spontaneous movements rather than deliberately using them to rebalance the nervous system & restore our body & mind to a more calm, relaxed & balanced state.

TRE tends to be particularly well-liked by people looking to empower themselves in their own health & wellbeing, as it doesn’t require a therapist, and once learnt, can be used whenever & wherever you like on an ongoing & regular basis for the rest of your life.

For those using mindfulness or talk-based approaches, TRE offers an additional body-based technique to ‘debrief the body’ and address the underlying neurobiology of stress & trauma unlikely to be released through talking or cognitive processes alone.

For those focused on physical health & wellbeing, as the movements generated by TRE tend to reduce pain, deepen relaxation & restore natural movement patterns below the level of conscious control, it can also enhance the effects of yoga & pilates as well as improving performance & recovery from weight training or any other form of sport.

Many people particularly enjoy TRE because it doesn’t require the mental effort of meditation or the need to recall or talk about your past, making it stigma free & easy to use even when you’re most stressed and least likely to use your self-care practices.

One of the most significant benefits of TRE is it tends to improve the quality & depth of sleep – critically important for anyone looking to enhance & support other wellbeing practices or looking for ways to switch off your stress responses.

Many people find TRE also helps to relax their breathing & rebalance their energy levels, providing a simple technique to restore a more natural state of grace, ease & optimism whenever you need to.

As TRE requires no equipment & doesn’t require a therapist, it can be used for immediate recovery after stressful or traumatic events (without necessarily needing to talk about it) or on an ongoing & regular basis to help build resilience & coping capacity in your nervous system.

It is particularly relevant as a preventative self-care practice for those with a stressful lifestyle or at risk of occupational stress & vicarious trauma.

While most people initially learn TRE to release stress or recover from injury or trauma, as the nervous system restores itself to a more balanced state, the tremors then tend to move the body towards even greater states of vitality, growth, creativity & flow.

TRE is a revolutionary self-care process that has already been taught to millions of people around the world. It doesn’t replace other treatments or wellbeing practices, but rather helps to support & enhance them.

It’s somatic hygiene for the whole of your being and a simple technique to help you maximise your own health & wellbeing on your own for the rest of your life…

If you would like to learn more about Richmond and his work with TRE take a look at his expert practitioner page.

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