Richmond Heath

Physiotherapist & TRE Certification Trainer

Specialising in Recovery, Resilience & Peak-performance

Richmond Heath

It was after a long and varied path through Physiotherapy, Mental Health, Suicide Prevention, Aboriginal Cultural Work & Bowen Therapy I finally discovered my purpose on the planet when I was introduced to TRE by a friend in 2010.

After doing a simple set of exercises that resulted in a pretty negligible tremor in my legs, I went to sleep none the wiser.

I woke up the next day having slept like I hadn’t slept in 40 years.

When I sat down my feet felt like they were through the floor and I had never felt so relaxed and grounded in all my life.

In that instance, I knew this shaking mechanism had done something in my body no other treatment, exercise, meditation or conscious movement had ever achieved.

After that it was simply a matter of introducing TRE to Australia in 2010 then sharing this TRE in one on one sessions as well as workshops, professional trainings and disaster recovery workshops all around Australia and New Zealand.

What excites me about my work is it empowers people in their own healing so they aren’t always reliant upon a practitioner – the knowledge, wisdom and healing is already within us if we simply remember how to allow it to move us back to health and happiness.

My dream that as more and more people all around the world learn to access this innate healing resource, we can eventually all literally begin to ‘shake for world peace.’

I don’t have all the answers and have a long way to go, but what I am great at is sharing this gift of TRE with others and empowering them on their journey.

I hope I may be able to do the same for you.

External conflict ends with the dawn of internal peace. Dr David Berceli ~ TRE Founder

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