How Can You Get Your Child To Relax?


Have you seen those kids that are running around acting CRAZY. They have no control, they are loud, they don’t listen, they get angry, they are anxious. Many people just look at those kids and see them as naughty kids. I wonder why many of them are like this…

Do you think those kids were just born to be naughty kids or do you think they learned these behaviours from somewhere or someone else? Do you think they know how to relax?

During our imprint period ages 0 to 7 we soak up everything like a sponge; we pick up and store everything that goes on in our environment, both from our parents and other people in our lives and events that happen around us.

It’s imprinted into us. This is when we learn our behaviours.

So as a parent, what do you think your child has learned from you? How are you affecting the behaviour of your children? What can you do to yourself to affect your child for the better?

So if your child is acting out an angry behaviour it may interest you to look at where in your life you are acting out that behaviour. If your child is stressed is that a learned behaviour from you?

An environment filled with sadness, anger or negativity can seriously affect a child’s behaviour.

While children are usually upbeat by nature, an atmosphere that constantly focuses on the negative things in life can quickly change the child’s natural tendencies for positivity to one of negativity.

If you severely limit or control your child’s environment to “keep them safe” you may be preventing them from shining their light and being their true self. When a child is kept small they will play small in their life way into their  future.

They will learn to limit themselves in their life. If they are not allowed to be themselves it could lead to anxiety, stress or depression in later life for them.

Children need structure in their lives. If they live in chaos, chaos is what they learn.

You may look back at your lives and see what you learned from your parents, did it serve you or did some of the things they did in your childhood stunt your growth to be the person you now want to be? Are you enforcing those behaviours on your own children?

Think about the thing you may need to change in yourself to help your children. What behaviours do you do that are not serving you or your children? What kind of things do you think that are not helping your child?

What things do you say to your child that is not helping them be the person they are capable of?

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