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helping children with learning difficulties

Helping Children With Learning Disabilities

We all want the best for our family, but raising a child with a learning disability can be challenging and overwhelming. Besides plenty of...
Habits To Help Your Child

6 Habits To Help Your Child

In the busy life of parenting, it’s often easy to forget that children don’t yet have the mental capacity to be entirely responsible for...
Strength Training For Kids

Benefits Of Strength Training For Kids & Guide To Do It

Children in strength training: The controversy over this is so immense it is downright staggering. As adults, we probably know the importance of keeping...
Essential Oils for kids

Essential Oils For Kids. Keep Them Happy, Healthy & Focused During the Upcoming School...

Fall is just around the corner which means it's back to school for the kiddies! It is such an exciting time of year, new...
Essential Oils To Help With Back To School Anxiety

5 Essential Oils To Help With Back To School Anxiety

When the new school year is upon us, in my house this is met with a mixture of excitement and anxiety. My daughter in...

How Does Your Behavior Affect Your Children? 3 Ways To Get Your Children To...

Your children are listening and learning from you constantly whether you think they are or not. Your behaviour affects your children's behaviour because they...

Acne: Not Just A Teenage Problem

Some dermatologists have noticed an increase in the incidence of adult acne. And newborn babies can also develop acne. While teens are still subject...

How Can You Get Your Child To Relax?

Have you seen those kids that are running around acting CRAZY. They have no control, they are loud, they don’t listen, they get angry,...

At What Cost Motherhood – Are You The Best Version Of Yourself?

Last week, after a conversation with a friend and finding myself ‘eavesdropping’ on an online conversation between some new Mums, I did some quick...