How To Protect Your Feet In The Cold Winter?

Protect Your Feet

We all have paid attention at least once in our life to the fact that our feet seem to get excessively cold in winter. Sometimes, the cold is so bad that it feels almost painful.

In that situation, no matter how many socks we wear, it never seems to work, so how do you protect your feet?

It makes sense, because our feet need a special amount of care in winter, which helps them to stay warm and comfortable. If you snowboard make sure you select the best brand of snowboarding boots.

It is also very important to make sure you’re taking good care of your feet, because if your feet are exposed to extreme cold, it might even lead to injuries. Here are some of the simplest ways you can keep your feet warm especially when you play winter sports.


  1. Decrease The Consumption Of Alcohol

This might sound completely irrelevant, but if you think about it, it makes quite a lot of sense. When you drink alcohol, it brings a lot of involuntary changes to your body. One of those is the dilation of your blood vessels.

As your blood vessels dilate, the heat loss from your body increases. You might get a warm sensation, but the temperature of your inner body drops really low. This is why, decreasing the consumption of alcohol can really help you decrease this heat loss.

  1. Wear Warm Clothing From Head To Toe

Not only the feet but all parts of your body need to be fully covered in really warm clothing. Also, it is important to choose the right kind. If you go for cotton, it can really trap the sweat, keeping it against your skin.

The moisture is never good in winter, which is why you should avoid cotton in winter. You can even layer clothing up for better protection against the cold, which will keep you warm and cozy, holding up against the cold just well.

  1. Wear Synthetic Liner Socks

The synthetic liner socks are thinner, and can be easily worn under a thicker pair of socks for better protection against the cold. What these do is they efficiently prevent the sweat from accumulating, while also keeping the air completely out of the feet.

It will prevent any contact of the air against the skin, which will help you stay away from cold, with the most perfect protection. Also, you should prefer longer, full length socks over the ankle length ones, as they provide better protection against the cold, covering more area.

  1. Choose The Right Sized Shoes

Wearing shoes too tight or too loose can both lead to your feet being subject to the cold. If you’re wearing a size which is too small, the tightness might lead to some areas ending up being under pressure, which will disturb the blood circulation in that particular area.

Disturbance in blood circulation is one of the reasons why your feet might end up being a victim of the cold. But if your shoes are loose, it might be just as dangerous in that case too, because then your shoes will let in too much of the cold air, which will surround your feet and not let you be warm.

Especially, If you have painful feet like plantar fasciitis, you should choose comfortable boots.

  1. Don’t Use Any Breathable Fabric

In winter, the best kind of fabric to wear is the one that isn’t breathable. This means that the fabric will hardly let in any air from the outside, thus keeping the inner environment safe. The same thing also goes for the type of shoes you choose to wear. Make sure that everything you’re wearing is not breathable at all, which will ensure that your whole body, along with your body, will stay protected from the cold air.

  1. Change Your Shoes Whenever Your Feet Get Wet

In winter, you know that if your feet get wet, the water doesn’t evaporate. Instead, the surroundings actually cool the water down, and the cold water will have an even adverse effect when it is surrounding your feet.

So if you go out, and some of the snow manages to slip through your shoe and melt inside it, you might notice that your feet start to feel extreme pain, or even numbness.  This is why it is advised to change your shoes immediately, and wear a dry pair instead, if your shoes get wet.

  1. Stay Nourished

It is true that some of the job of keeping your body warm is done by your body itself, too. Your body is constantly working to make sure that the temperature of your body remains suitable for the inner organs to keep working.

In this way, if you eat healthy and stay dehydrated, giving your body all the nutrients it needs, your body will be able to function in an even better way, and will effortlessly help in regulating your body temperature just enough for you to remain comfortable and warm in the cold environment.

  1. Avoid Smoking

If you smoke a lot, it’s time you reduce it if you can. Cigarettes contain nicotine, and it messes with your blood circulation. In this way, it reduces the blood which is flowing down to your feet.

When there is reduced blood flow, there is reduced warmth. This is why, you should avoid smoking as much as you can, which will help maintain regular blood flow in your body and keep you warm all the time, from your head to toe, all over your body.


All of these are just the simplest things you can do to keep yourself and your feet healthy. It isn’t just about your feet; you need to work to prevent too much exposure to the cold.

This is because too much cold can lead to several injuries on the feet, which might even end up being permanent if aren’t treated at the right time.

This is why, it is advised that if you think anything might have gone wrong, you should always go to the doctor or health professional and make sure that you get it checked. If it is something serious, it will hopefully be better the quicker it is treated.

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