Minerals – Building Blocks Of The Body


Minerals are the true building blocks of the body and in order to have a healthy body we need minerals to:

1. Be in the food that we eat

2. Be readily digestible from that food

3. Be in a state of health in our own digestive system that allows us to digest and assimilate the minerals that are in our foods.

This is an article in a series of articles that talks about the four pillars, absolutely necessary for optimal health.

The first article was on Water and How Important it is to have Correct Hydration.

The second article was about Food and the choices we make and the third article is about Minerals and how lack of necessary minerals or too many of the wrong minerals may be affecting your body.

Minerals Are The True Building Blocks Of The Body & In Order To Have A Healthy Body We Need Minerals To:

1. Be in the food that we eat

2. Be readily digestible from that food

3. Be in a state of health in our own digestive system that allows us to digest and assimilate the minerals that are in our foods.

So how are we going? Well generally very poorly in my opinion. Our disease states are all on the rise including childhood, adolescent and adult obesity as well as diabetes, heart disease and cancer.

This lack of minerals in our foods and the inability of our digestive systems to extract what is in there is I believe one of the major reasons for the huge increase in mental health issues affecting both children and adults.

Getting the right balance of minerals into our body is imperative for optimal health. We need both high quantities of minerals and more of the right ones than the wrong ones.

Processed food generally contains far too many of the wrong ones and has by the very act of the processing depleted the foods of the main ones that we need.

Unfortunately this is unlikely to change in the near future as that would require a huge shift towards home grown and organic produce.

What can you do? Eat more vegetables and a much wider quantity. For instance when you go out for a meal chose a dish that has vegetables and ask for more as well. How do you make glue? Flour and water.

How do they make white bread? Mainly flour and water. How do they make pasta? Mainly flour and water. What sort of flour, the sort that has had most of the minerals extracted from it so that it will keep longer and nothing else will eat it!

The most important thing I have found out about food in the last 28 years is that in order to have optimal health you have to choose food you are able to readily digest and assimilate into your body so that you can have both stable consistent energy and mental and emotional strength.

Otherwise the food will be useless to you and become a burden in your body.

So in addition to the 2.7 litres of water that I need every day I also make sure to eat food that is both healthy and easy for my body to assimilate and is fresh and grown on healthy soil that has all of the minerals in it my body needs.

Where I consider it necessary I supplement with appropriate minerals to ensure my body has all the things it needs to remain healthy.

Where possible choose unprocessed and grown locally. If you eat animal protein choose free range eggs and chicken and grass fed lamb and beef and make sure any fish you eat is fresh and looks healthy and is caught locally.

Always have vegetables available and make sure they are at least three times the size of any protein you eat.

If you are vegetarian make sure your food choices are as wide and as varied as possible. Consider brown rice as a staple rather than most breads and stay away from wheat as much as possible.

If you want to lose weight, switch from fruit as a snack to a wide variety of healthy cooked vegetables and eat lots of vegetable soups and broths.

The funny thing is, when Carey Reams (The creator of RBTI Analysis) worked all of this out over 80 years ago he found nearly everyone felt better and performed better when they drank the right amount of water and ate the right foods for their body that had all of the minerals required by the body.

With his background as a soil scientist he knew how to grow healthy crops and animals and he just transferred that knowledge to growing and restoring health to people.

If you want you and your children to have optimum performance at work, home, school, in sports or just generally it will pay to make sure that you and they consistently drink just water at the rate of 33 ml per kg of weight.

And learn what the right foods are to keep your body in optimal health.

Disease is in the main a product of poor food choices that have failed to support the energy and functions of the body. Any plant or animal that gets inadequate minerals from the soil or food that they eat is liable to become sick and die.

This is why vets study nutrition as one of the keys to keeping animals healthy. And soil experts are employed to make sure there are the right minerals in the soil to ensure a healthy pasture.

Unfortunately when there was a big shift to superphosphates 60 years or so ago, substandard soil could be used to grow crops that could never be grown there before.

That is, I believe, one of the major reasons for the epidemics of ill health we now see daily on our TV’s, newspapers and magazines and one of the major reasons for the imbalance in minerals that the majority of us currently suffer from.

Have you noticed food now goes off much faster than ever before and most of the fruit and vegetables go spotty or mouldy not long after purchase?

And taste seems to have disappeared from a lot of our foods! One way to tell if the food you are eating is right for your body is to do the questionnaire.

Every answer is important and every answer can be affected by the food choices that you make.

A total score over 25 is cause for alarm and a very thorough reassessment of your health and your diet is suggested. One way to do that is to undertake an RBTI Analysis to find out the affects your diet is having on your biochemistry.

As Carey Reams said “the first day that the body fails to take in the minerals that it needs is the first day of ill health.”

The more consistent use and the better quality of the water and food with the right balance of minerals, the better the outcomes for you and your children.

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David Lomman 

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