It’s Time To Wake Up

Wake Up


We welcome you and offer you our blessings. We speak to you from the heart of all that is, where we sit at this time, in the raptures of the energy that you call God. So that is where we sit at this time.

And we wish to share our heart with you and the flow in which we sit at this time to assist you to expand all that you are and to become more conscious of that which you are.

For this is your key, to be conscious in this plane of physical dimension, of who you are, what you are, your being.

It is for you to become conscious of this, for this is your path and why you sit within the third dimension at this time, beloved one.

It is not solely to play in the third dimensional physical realm, beloved one, for there is much to do at this time and it requires your consciousness within the physical, beloved one.

This is important at this time for you, and it is not because you are chosen beloved one to be conscious at this time.

It is because you have chosen this, to be conscious, awake in this realm, no longer hidden by the veils of illusion and distortion but to be fully conscious in all things.

To be awake and not asleep, beloved one, this is your choice. You are not one of the chosen few but one of the many who have chosen this to assist and to serve at this time, beloved one.

It is a choice you have made to become more conscious in every moment in the now time of your being and that which you are in all things, beloved one.

For yes indeed, for many of you have had much time to play within the physical realm, to enjoy all that it has to offer and this does not mean to say, beloved one, that you have to let this go.

No, we do not say to be in service is no fun, beloved one, enjoy this that you have chosen to do, but understand this, understand that you have made the choice to be conscious here in the third dimensional realm, being conscious of all that is.

And to live outside the illusions of that which has been created in this realm, in the physical by humanity to make the stay here (on Earth in the third dimension) in some cases more enjoyable, more exploratory, more of a discovery tour of that which is or that which can be.

But for you, dear one, we say it is an awakening for you. It is awakening and stretching through the veils of consciousness and understand that there is more than just the third dimensional realm in which you sit at this time, beloved one, much, much more than this.

And your inner being beloved one, understands this, is aware of this, is conscious of this and guides you gently in all things, beloved one.  But it is your conscious choice to listen to this, beloved one, to understand that which is shown to you.

Do not step one toe into the water and pull it out in fear of stepping further through the veils being shown to you, one after another as you walk through them, beloved one, on your path. 

Do not stand between the veils, beloved one, do not hold yourself and immerse yourself between the veils.

Move between them, move between the dimensions as you do, and if you accept your conscious responsibility beloved one, you will understand that which I speak of.

For indeed those that are awake understand that they move simultaneously through the veils of the dimensions, and as you grow in your consciousness this sometimes may become confusing for you and sometimes you may wonder where it is that you sit. 

And we say unto you, beloved one, to understand this within yourself.

Do not be afraid of this, for sometimes it may become uncomfortable within the physical. Sometimes there is discomfort within the physical body, and oftentimes there is discomfort within the emotional body.

Those that are feeling discomfort at this time as I speak will know that which I speak of. For, as I speak you are experiencing this. You have the memory of this and some of you are already indeed understanding that in this space in which you sit the dimensions move.

But for those that find discomfort when this occurs, we ask you to breathe through this and become conscious of that which is occurring for you.

Holding this consciousness, being awake, for we say to you that once you have become awakened, you cannot fall asleep again, in this experience, beloved one.

So the wise one chooses to move forward, breathing all the time, understanding the changes that are going on within the physical being, and there are many changes.  

It is impossible to create ascension while you are asleep beloved one. While you are anesthetized beloved one, it is impossible to move.

For ascension within this realm needs to be done with consciousness and with the full awakening of your being.

And if it is not joyous, for you are fully aware and fully awake to all that is around you, the opportunities to connect with all beings of light is there for you in full consciousness.

There is no need to feel alone, if you are feeling alone and lost and not connected, beloved one, we say to you this is an illusion that you have created to limit you through the veils in fear, beloved one. Breathe through this and call for assistance.

Ask to be shown where next to place your feet, beloved one, and you will be shown this. Whether you choose to follow this guidance, beloved one, of course is your choice, but assistance will always be yours when you call for it, beloved one, always.

We are here for you and there are many beings that sit with you – many angels, guides and teachers, masters, emissaries of the light – beloved one, that come to you whenever you call.

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