International Peace Day


Today is International Peace Day. Thousands of people from around the world join together in a joint meditation at designated times, to help raise the vibration of the planet and we have been meditating this last weekend too.

So many people are focusing on war right now because that is what the media are reporting on.

They are focusing on the bad politics that are happening globally, the war in Syria and the refugees and it is all very negative and it is causing a lot of negative feelings within people. The media keep us in fear and when we are stuck in fear we feel powerless.

The question I want to ask is: Is doing the same thing we have always done going to change anything? NO of course not. The saying, “If you always do what you’ve always done, you’ll always get what you’ve always got”  by Henry Ford says it all.

For centuries war and conquering has been the answer. Well so they thought but has anything changed? NOTHING!

The next question I want to ask is: How are we going to create change?

We need to change our focus from the negative and change our vibrations to the positive. So how do we do this?

International peace day is a day when many people focus on raising our vibrations and when we do that it has an effect globally.

So yesterday I sat in meditation at 12 o’clock midday, London time. What happened next interested me so much.

I was sitting in my mum’s garden (I am visiting her from Sydney, Australia where I live). Five minutes before the meditation was due to start, I got my chair ready, was sitting enjoying the sun, when my mum’s friend came out and started talking to me.

I said I am just going into meditation for international peace day so please leave me alone and give me this time in peace and quiet. He walked away saying, ”It will never happen”. I said, “With an attitude like that you are right”.

My judgement voice came in, angry that he said that just as I was going into my meditation, I was thinking that I was ‘supposed to be relaxed before the mediation’ but instead I was angry and frustrated.

I know how vibration helps us both physically and in our outer world, and I believe that everything happens for a reason, so I had a thought that what he said to me was a gift.

I looked deeper within myself and was able to see the conflict within myself. I could see the frustration I felt by him not understanding what is happening and the frustration of knowing that he follows the media propaganda and does not understand the great part he could play in making the world a peaceful place.

The same frustration I feel when I watch the news and see the governments going to war and not helping people in need.

I then started focusing on the conflict I felt in my body and noticed the conflict that my body has been in for a while. (I am currently working on healing my thyroid and looking after my health. My thyroid has not been working with me for a while now).

I realised that just by focusing on myself, my health will make a change to the vibration I emanate. The more peace within me the more radiates outward.

Five minutes into the meditation, I was feeling at one with all, my consciousness had left my body and I was at a feeling of peace and connectedness, I was feeling like I was source energy.

Then my mum comes out and says, “Sharon have you fallen asleep?” I came out of my meditation, opened my eyes and said no mum I am meditating, she made a face and went inside.

Once again I felt angry inside. I know my mum does not understand me and does not understand the power of meditation and group consciousness, but still I was feeling the emotion of anger. Then I realised this too was a gift.

I understood how our focus can get distracted so easily and people may not understand us but we still have to keep going, because WE DO UNDERSTAND and it is for us that understand to help create this change.

I got back into the heightened state of relaxation and connection, then 15 minutes into the meditation my mum comes back out and says, “Sharon how long are you meditating for?” I said, “As long as I want to but everyone else is doing it for an hour?”

She said “Everyone else?” I said yes and explained it is international peace day and thousands of people globally were meditating the same time as me for world peace. She said ”Well you are all mad,” and walked back inside.

I realised that many people who don’t understand think I am mad, and this will happen on a global scale to all of us who are ‘different’, and I realised that no matter what anyone thinks of me, I will keep going.

I will keep doing what I know is helping, even though the majority at this point do not yet understand. All we can do is keep the focus on the positive. All we can do is keep moving forward one step at a time.

Movement IS happening. More and more people are realising that the old way is not the answer. More and more people are looking for something new. More and more people are waking up to the new way.

Once your eyes are open to this new way of thinking, there is no going back. There are millions of people with this new mindset and more and more people are beginning to think this way.

Like anything, we need to take baby steps before we can get to where we need to go. World peace is the same, we are all taking baby steps and we are getting closer and closer to more people understanding.

The moral of sharing my story with you is this. We may get people who disagree with us, people that don’t understand what we are doing. We might get our own bodies not working with us. We might feel frustration and anger.

We might get distracted from our vision, but the thing is, if we keep the faith, keep the positive mindset and keep the vision of peace it WILL HAPPEN. Momentum is the key.

The question I have for you today is: What will you do today for International Peace Day?

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Sharon White

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