How Your Birth Shaped Your Life

How Your Birth Shaped Your Life

People seek healing usually to assist them work through a current challenging situation no matter if it’s energy healing, massage, talk or art therapy and they often get results, some outcomes more profound than others.

All situations and thoughts humans encounter have emotions attached. Our first experiences be it fear, anger or even joy become our reference point for handling future challenges.

The biofield or aura surrounding the body can be compared to the rings of a tree, it holds the emotional history of your life.

Having worked as a healer and received hundreds of healings myself, I’ve witnessed massive changes and subtle ones but the biggest insight and realisation was that a significant amount of the emotions in the biofield are first experienced through the birth process.

How does that happen? Well, I’m sure you’ve heard that babies respond in utero to the vibrations of the parent’s voice or when classical music is played.

Emotions too are vibrations so if the mother is stressed, there’s uncertainty regarding the pregnancy, the living situation of the parent/s is dysfunctional or even if there is too much pressure placed on the pregnancy, the baby will inherit those emotions.

I worked with a woman who was unable to attract and maintain a healthy relationship, through the session we discovered that she had reflux as a baby, not only did she feel as though her needs were never met, her perfectionist mother was disappointed that her baby was ‘difficult’.

So what was learnt? ‘I can’t ask for what I need, I will never get it any way’ and ‘if I make waves I’ll be annoying, then rejected’.

There is no blame here, its part of our journey, discovering and rebalancing these emotions can be liberating and soul changing.

Do you ever notice you react a certain way that seems incongruent with who you believe you are? Do you feel frustrated that you can’t change some habits or life patterns? Even if you had a truck load of money or are showered with love it never feels like enough?

Now here we go a little deeper, not only do we absorb the emotions the parents are feeling during conception, gestation and birth we receive the ‘Emotional DNA’ passed down to them from their parents, grandparents and so on.

No wonder sometimes it feels like such hard work to make changes. Say a great-great-grandparent moved countries, struggled with the language, always felt misunderstood and created a belief that they were never heard.

As a consequence the frustration could result in not expressing their true feelings and not listening to others, this then becomes a behaviour passed onto their children and so on.

The belief system of not being heard is common, finding where it started and recalibrating that stuck emotion to your soul tone can change a lifelong habit of not speaking up, over talking, or being abrupt to compensate.

Can this be done and how do you find this information? Yes, it’s all sitting in the biofield, waiting for the opportunity to be balanced.

The cool thing is this healing not only works on you it effects any other person in the family that has inherited that emotion, yep right back to its original source!

Vibration is vibration no matter if the soul is incarnated in physical form or not.

I was working with a woman whose unique birth was through the experience of adoption, I would express my impressions throughout the session which were later confirmed by her adoptive mother.

The other fascinating factor was the fact that she had a twin brother, not only did I receive a sense of him, my client reported that after a particular session he communicated openly about his feelings with her.

Even though they had always had a close, loving relationship this was not a common occurrence.

So if you are struggling to change a habit or two, looking to improve and expand your life, exploring the possibilities of inherited emotions may be an exciting new opportunity to make the biofield lighter, remember healing is achieved in layers so that we can adjust to the change with ease when the soul is ready.

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Intuitive Energy Healer and Sound Therapist, Amanda Mackay assists clients recalibrate emotional blocks, behaviour patterns, learnt or energetically inherited to their soul tone in Brisbane or by distance overseas. Amanda provides insight into how energetic barnacles are great teachers, transforming challenges into self-knowledge, acceptance and faith in ones-self. Learn more about Amanda.

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