How Toxic Are You?


Toxic overload can cause many problems in the body. Ill health; accelerated aging; low energy; headaches; poor sleep; allergies; intolerances or unwanted kilos; if you’re suffering from any of these, toxic overload could be the culprit!

The Cause

Our day-to-day living exposes us to toxins. Processed food; tap water; alcohol; caffeine; medications; recreational drugs; cigarettes; household cleaning products; make up, personal care items and even dry cleaned clothes, all contain toxins!

Fruit and vegetables from the supermarket are full of toxic sprays, herbicides and pesticides! By ingesting or absorbing any of these products, we take their toxins into our body.

Once absorbed, the toxins eventually pass through the liver, kidneys and colon for elimination.

When toxic waste accumulates in the intestines, it compacts in the folds of the colon making it difficult for to work efficiently. The toxins can go nowhere else but back through the body.

Thus they recirculate becoming trapped in bones, muscles, tissues and organs. Often they are stored in fat!

Toxins In Fat Cells

Toxins in fat cells will not break down easily. If you carry excess fat you must reduce overall body fat to release fat-residing toxins into the blood stream so they can be removed.

When toxins are stored in our body they slow down the thyroid, a main gland for controlling our metabolism. When the thyroid slows down so does your metabolic rate leading to more stored fat!

Take Action

Internal cleansing and good digestion are the keys to good health and longevity.

The Benefits Are;

Your thinking becomes clearer and sharper. You’ll lose body fat; gain a better complexion; build a stronger immune system; and improve digestion and liver function.

Your metabolism will speed up and your intestines will gain their ability to quickly and easily eliminate waste unhindered by toxin build-up. Poor digestion and toxicity are among the leading culprits of poor health.

Once your body is thoroughly cleansed keep it that way by daily following the principles of healthy living and, as much as possible, avoid the substances that carry toxins.

Free Your Body From Toxins

We clean our homes, cars, and outer body regularly so why neglect the inner body? Detoxification is a natural function when our body is properly nourished.

Unfortunately very few people are properly nourished, leading to slow and sluggish systems. Properly nourished, the body has the most amazing ability to heal itself.

Steps Of Action For Detoxification

Eat cleansing foods such as vegetables in the form of juicing, soups, and salads, fruit, and clean lean proteins and good quality oils.

  • Lots of clean filtered water
  • Intestinal and liver cleansing through herbal supplements. (During the detox it is important to rid any alcohol, caffeine, cigarettes, processed food, sugars, and allow the body some healing time!)
  • Infrared saunas
  • Body skin brushing
  • Colonics
  • Re-colonise with good quality probiotics
  • Good quality exercise to stimulate circulation
  • Detox your mind. Our thoughts are the most powerful way to gain and keep health
  • Surround yourself with like minded people
  • Practice positive and inspirational affirmations daily
  • Turn off the news

Amazing Facts Of Our Body’s Ability To Heal Itself

  • In three months our body has an entirely new skeleton
  • Every six weeks all the cells have been replaced in our liver
  • We have a new stomach lining every five days
  • We are continually replacing old blood cells with new ones
  • Our skin sloughs off skin cells and produces a new one monthly. This is why it is so important to feed yourself with the best food possible.
  • The body has seven channels of elimination: blood, lymphatic system, five organs, colon, kidneys, lungs, skin and liver.

All have a unique role to play in getting rid of toxins and all must be functioning at an optimal level to achieve total body detoxification.

But when our elimination channels become clogged due to toxic overload and poor diet, we experience health problems. You can avoid this by……Cleansing or detoxification.

This is the process of cleaning out and reducing the toxic load that is currently within our body involves a focused internal cleanse or detoxification optimally twice a year, and continuing to live a healthy balanced lifestyle.

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Michelle Owen

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