How The Family Bond Forms Our Personality

Family Bond Forms Our Personality

Family is one of the most important things in our lives. It is the people closest to us, that will never abandon us and will support us in our endeavors.

In a well-functioning family, parents support and raise their children to reach their full potential, while children make their parents become more responsible and aware of themselves.

We know that no two families are the same, and every family sometimes fights, but the closeness you have with them is like no other, and it’s crucial for our mental health.

Relationship With The Same-Sex Parent

When children are still young and impressionable, their primary idol is their same-sex parent.

They are the person the kids see themselves as in the future, and when that figure is absent or has unhealthy behavior, the child can have a harder time figuring out who they are and who they want to be.

They might also seek an idol elsewhere, which might lead them to bad examples. It’s important that any parent has a good relationship with their child, because that’s the only way to instill values into them.

They won’t believe in your values or listen to them if they don’t have a good relationship with you.

Holiday Season

As the holidays are approaching, we have to think about the importance of family getting together and enjoying their days as one unit.

Every family celebrates differently, but it’s those traditions and customs that make you feel close – like you belong somewhere and stem from somewhere.

From exchanging Christmas gifts to watching festive movies together, spending time with each other will make you feel safe and comfortable if you’re with the people you love.

In some cases, the holidays are the only thing that gets the entire family together, even it’s for just a couple of days, but it’s still enough to make sure that the family unit stays whole, even if they spend most of their time apart.

Sense Of Belonging

Everyone wants to know where they come from. We need a history to identify with. This is why we have the urge to find out as much as we can about our ancestors and learn about our family.

Often times, children who grew up without a family look for this sense of belonging elsewhere, in groups they might identify with or with people they are close to.

This is why family traditions are so important: you learn who you are from your history, and you pass it on to the next generation with the same love and care as your parents passed it on to you.

You know that you will always belong somewhere and that you have a legacy to continue.

While sometimes “keeping the family name clean” might deter people from following their truest dreams, it can also be a good reason for people to try and be successful and make their family proud.

A Close Bond Makes Us Independent

People might think that the more you “baby” your child when they are young, the less independent they will be when they grow up – but this is simply not true.

In fact, the better the bond is between the child and parents in their early life, the more confidence, resilience and determination they will have when they grow up, making them more likely to set off on a path that they really want to explore.

This is because they won’t have the fear of their family leaving them behind or forgetting about them while they are working on themselves.

It’s important to remember that when we’re talking about family, we have to choose the family that we feel best in.

Some people aren’t born in a family that they can rely on, and it’s perfectly fine to look for a family to bond with elsewhere, but if you do have your family by your side, make sure they are the people whom you really trust and with whom you have a close and strong bond.

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