Heart Chakra – Are You ‘Addicted’ To The Process?

Heart Chakra

The heart chakra is the marriage center of the human energy matrix.  It “marries” the lower three main vortex’s with the upper three.  It “marries” the physical aura with the emotional aura.  So what is the real deal with this chakra center and marriage?

To marry the whole self it really equates to the whole self being healed with no separation left.  In reality we ‘marry’ ourselves first.  We join our energy centers from the root or foundation to the expansive crown.  This ‘marriage’ gives us a sense of ourselves.

In the Christian sacrament of marriage they talk about being in union with self both physically and spiritually before one is able to marry another.  This is really talking about the energy centers.

Love is a divine power that is empowering this center.  It is healing of the self.  One of the biggest hold up’s that I have seen is centered here.

The idea that a person is in the process of healing, meaning that they are working on something – doing the deal – in the process in never ending and keeps the soul enwrapped in the pain of the process.

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While I do agree that everything is a process and takes time, the biggest block I see in the heart chakra is that they remain in dis-ease, always in the process.  This gives them permission to remain in the process and not really do the work required.

Staying in the process can actually become addictive.  You self-identify with the dis-ease or the process.  The process becomes the problem itself.  I see this time and time again.

This center is where our own experiences in life have developed.  Our own perceptions.  If something emotionally feels good – you create a perception of that person, place or action as a good emotional uplift.  The opposite is also true.

Thus this enter also can be blocking point when a perception causes fear.  Fear of emotional pain, fear of not being emotionally strong enough, or fear of change itself.  If I change, how will I self-identify?

This center is where all the healing begins emotionally which also means that it is where all the deepest wounds can be.

Many do a cursory look at the heart chakra as it is love in their minds, but truly there is so much more that requires our attention here if we wish to be a truly empowered and centered being.

As I feel this, almost above all others, is a center that so many in society desperately are seeking out healing, I am going to pause here and share a brief synopsis of one possible way to proceed with healing of your own heart energy center.

1.      Commit yourself to the process.  Set a target time frame of when you wish to be done.  Remember, one of the catch net’s here in the emotional world is to get caught up in the healing process so that the process becomes the problem rather than the solution.

Commit yourself to spending 5 – 10 minutes a day writing in your journal.

Commit yourself to God/dess/Source/Spirit that you are open minded and willing to see the source of the wound.

2.   Investigate the wound.  Every emotional wound has its origin somewhere in our path.  To truly heal it is necessary to look at the origin of the wound, not only the salt being added with each new event or circumstance.

Ask yourself the question has your wound transformed into your self-identification of power?

Being emotionally hurt by men may create a wound – with every failed relationship, salt is added to the wound.  Yet you also begin to feel empowered – empowered by showing ‘them’ that you don’t need a man.  You can do this all on your own.

In this case your wound has become your power.  Unhealthy, imbalanced power – but power none the less.  Write about how your emotional wellbeing is affected by your wounds.

3.   Observe the wound.  Once you have written a list of your wounds and traced them back to the root or the origin of the wound, go back and write about how you are affected emotionally, mentally, physically, and spiritually by the wound.

How do you present yourself differently to the world than you actually feel inside?  Do you try to use the wound to manipulate others or control them?  If you heal yourself, do you fear losing someone in your life?  Why?

Remember that as you are writing and going through this process it is not always easy and it will be painful.  Be gentle with yourself.

4.  Initiate gratitude.  As you are writing these ‘stories’ of your wounds out, pause to find pieces of the wound to be grateful for.  Perhaps it brought you a new friend.  Perhaps you have learned how to be intimate with someone.

Whatever the gift, however large or small, you want to initiate the action of finding gratitude within it.  Start transferring the positive aspects of the wounds into everyday living and find something living in a state of gratitude.

5.      From a state of gratitude you can begin to find the art of forgiveness.  Whether it is yourself, someone else, or even God/dess/Spirit, there is always a forgiveness slice that must be done in order to truly heal the heart chakra.

It is important to understand that the act of forgiveness is not a release of blame; it is a release of being a victim chained to the wound.  You are not saying to someone else, “your action was ok” rather you are saying “you don’t control me anymore”.

Forgiveness is an act that serves to liberate your soul and changes your perceptions in nearly every single case.  Many times the other person involved does not even require our words, for it is own being that is held prisoner in the deep wound.

A word of caution, before approaching another person to offer your forgiveness, speak with another on the same spiritual path, with a therapist, or with your religious preference first.

After having completed the writing, finding the forgiveness in your heart center, create a ritual whether it is a fire or simply digging a hole to bury all your papers you have written out during this process.

The purpose is to release the energy signatures of the old wounds and step into the Divine love that offers the authentic power for this center.  Remaining I the pain of the process only serves to further cloak the energy center.

Let you bright light of love radiate.

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Carla Goddard

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