Freedom From Fixed Opinions


Here’s a question: do you consider yourself a control freak? A good indicator is if you are completely full of fixed opinions.

If you’re not sure whether you are a controller or not, ask your close friends (be sure to ask more than one). You will often get from them what you can’t see in yourself.

Remember, you have become a controller to be safe and protect yourself.

If this description fits you:

1) You will need to do some deep searching for the origins of your control pattern. It will come from early memories of begin controlled, usually as a child and some regression therapy may help to resolve this.

The idea is to find safety in yourself first; become safe within and you can drop the controlling behaviour.

2) Find a meditative process that helps you learn to become the watcher/observer of your reactive self. With practice you can learn to be the observer and from this place take charge of your reactive self.

Your ego wants to have an opinion on all things. It’s ok to have thoughts on things but make sure they are fluid thoughts.

Fluid thoughts are ones that can you can adapt, change or drop when you learn additional information that enhances your thought, or allows you to see that old thought no longer serves you and you are able to move on from it.

3) Have a look at your belief systems. Strong ingrained belief systems are simply a whole bunch of congested opinions. If you wish to find the truth of yourself and freedom from ego based opinions, these need to be dismantled.

Opinions – particularly fixed opinions – create a barrier around you that blocks inspirational thoughts. You can’t hear the voice of your own spirit / guides / angels while you carry buckets of fixed opinions.

These thoughts (like all thoughts) create a form and energy around you. Too many of them result in a barrier that is almost impossible to get though by others and also your own spirit.

Calm the mind chatter and practice, practice, practice these things. Let go and trust that the inspiration you seek shall come.

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Peter Hoddle

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