Foods To Avoid If You Have Risk Of Cardiovascular Disease

Foods To Avoid If You Have Risk Of Cardiovascular Disease

Heart is one of the most important organs of the body. The sure sign of a person’s death is their heart not being able to beat to pump blood. The heart being such a vital organ requires all the care you can give it or you are at risk of cardiovascular disease.

It is an organ which might be affected by numerous things. The most prominent is obesity. Obesity has a very negative impact on the health of the heart. Also consider heart healthy exercises to improve your heart health.

Heart diseases and risk of cardiovascular disease are becoming extremely common, because obesity is becoming common. Heart diseases have made their way to being the leading cause of death around the globe.

When we say ‘’obesity’’ we mean the overconsumption of foods that can end up hurting the heart. There are countless foods which tend to increase the risk of coronary heart diseases (mentioned below – 5 foods to avoid if you have risk of cardiovascular disease).

If heart diseases tend to run in your family, know that you have a higher percentage of developing one than a person who does not. For these people, the doctors advise to take extra care of your diet and lifestyle because the tendency of developing a cardiovascular disease is very high. *Learn More in Ways to Improve Heart Health FREE Holistic Health Magazine.

Foods To Avoid If You Have Risk Of Cardiovascular Disease:

Let’s talk about food! It is important because people might be consuming the wrong foods per day without knowing how dangerous they can be for the body. There are certain foods that must be blacklisted by the people who have a high risk of developing a cardiovascular disease. But what are those foods? Let’s discuss below.

Note: Know that trans and saturated fats increase the level of cholesterol in the blood, increasing the risk of heart diseases. If you have a high chance of getting a cardiovascular disease, be sure to eat poly and monounsaturated fats because not only are they very healthy but also keep the heart in the best of the health. Click here to learn about heart healthy foods list.

1- Candy:

Who doesn’t like a candy bar? No matter how old we get, we’ll love having candies simply because of the taste. We all know that foods which contain ‘’added sugar’’, increase the risk of obesity and that increases the risk of heart diseases.

The experts have advised people to avoid sugar as much as they can if they want to stay away from heart diseases. Sugar factories are known as the enemy of a person who has the tendency of developing a heart disease.

So, your mother might have told you back in childhood, SAY NO TO CANDIES. You may have thought it was to save your teeth but as you grow older, not only your teeth are affected but your heart is too.

2- Pizza:

It might hurt to read this but pizza has made its way to one of the salty food that increases the risks of developing a cardiovascular disease. Pizza might be super delicious to eat but pizza lovers need to hold their horses especially the ones that religiously eat pizza every week.

Pizza is packed with sodium and saturated fat. Especially the ones that have meat toppings. As each slice is so highly concentrated in sodium and fat, the heart is highly affected.

The addition of cheese serves as a cherry on top and increases the risk even more. Pizza lovers should limit the pizza consumption and go for vegetable topped pizza instead of meat toppings.

3- Sausages (Processed Meats):

Sausages or all the processed meats are known to be rich in salts. Sodium is the worst enemy of the heart. Not only does sugar cause heart diseases but sodium does too.

Sodium can damage the heart in the worst possible way and processed meats being packed with salts are a little too harsh.

4- Cakes & Cookies:

You can eat home-made ones once in a while but do not eat the processed or commercial ones. The reason for this is very simple. These foods are rich in butter which means a high amount of saturated fat and trans as well.

The high sugar content and the preservatives present in these foods are also very dangerous. So it is always preferred that one eats home-mode foods rather than purchasing from the bakery or superstores.

5- Drinks & Juices:

We all love soft drinks don’t we? But at least we know they are not healthy. When it comes to juices, we consider them super healthy. They are not!

Juices have the highest amount of sugar addition in them. Obesity in kids is simply caused due to the high consumption of juices and soft drinks.


Cardiovascular risk calculators have been developed which tend to calculate the risk of developing a heart disease present in your body. This calculator simply rings the alarm bell by pre informing the risk of the cardiovascular diseases in your body.

The calculator asks you about the factors which tend to influence the health of the heart.

It asks about your gender, age, lipoprotein density, your cholesterol, your systolic blood pressure, if you are a smoker or not (smoking increases the risk), if you are diabetic, if you are taking high BP medication, or if you have smoked any cigarettes in the past month.

This calculator requires all the necessary information and calculates the desired value within seconds.

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