Fascinating Guide On Human Senses & Perceptions

Senses & Perceptions

Our five sense organs are critical to our day to day functioning. Their essence goes beyond what most of us know as it has been proven that they affect the quality of our thoughts and emotions.

Unfortunately, as we age on, they tend to lose their sharpness, thus affecting the quality of our lives.

It is, nevertheless, important to note that besides aging, some of the things we do or fail to do also contribute to our sensory loss. Here is a well-detailed guide on how you can take care of your five sense organs.

The Skin

The skin is the most extensive sense organ as it covers the entire body. It offers protection to our internal body organs and contains a host of nerve endings hence senses pain, deep pressure and regulates temperature.

It also plays an essential role in safeguarding your wellbeing as it helps alert your immune system of pathogens thus stimulating a positive body response to fight them.

It also boosts your social life as clear, glowing skin makes you more confident in your interactions with others. In a nutshell, the importance of your skin cannot be underestimated which is why you should take proper care of it by

– Using sunscreen when going out to prevent exposure to UV rays.

– Keep it well hydrated by taking lots of water, fruits, and products that contain AHA. Keeping it well hydrated not only prevents pore blockage but also helps reduce the appearance of wrinkles.

– Eat foods rich in antioxidants. These prevent skin damage by radical elements, thus preventing the breakdown of collagen.

– Tone your skin using nature’s products, for instance, herbs such as sage and peppermint.

– Avoid bad habits such as smoking as they cause premature aging.

The Eyes

The eyes are commonly referred to as the window of the soul as they make it possible for us to create deep connections with others by looking in their eyes. Besides that, they make life more enjoyable as they give us a chance to take in and enjoy the beauty of nature.

Unfortunately, they are quite fragile and susceptible to an array of conditions. The good news, however, is that it is possible to prevent such diseases by taking proper care of them. Here are some tips on how to take care of them.

  • Avoid Eye Strain

Just like any other body part, your eyes also get tired. Therefore, avoid doing things that strain them by limiting the time you spend looking at anything.

Train yourself to close your eyes for five minutes in every one hour that you spend doing an activity that requires you to stare for long such as reading, watching TV or working on your computer.

Also, perform tasks in proper lighting and use anti-glaring glasses if you have them.

  • Eat Healthily

Some foods, for instance, those rich in Vitamin A like carrots and papayas help improve the health of your eyes as well as vision. Ensure you include them in your diet.

  • Get Them Checked

Besides avoiding eye strain, eating healthy and all the other tips mentioned below, ensure you get your eyes checked by highly proficient and experienced Personal Eyes eyecare doctors at least once a year.

It is vital to note that regular eye checks not only help ensure your vision is in tip-top shape but also help identify other severe conditions as some chronic illnesses tend to exhibit themselves through eye problems.

Other Ways To Take Care Of Your Eyes

– Wash them with clean cold water instead of rubbing them when itchy.

– Avoid smoking.

– Retain moisture around you and in them as dryness causes corneal abrasions.

The Ears

Just like the eyes, the ears are also of the essence. Apart from enabling us to hear the beautiful sounds of nature as well as human made-sounds, they also play a role in helping us maintain our balance. Here’s how you can take care of them

– Always clean them gently using earbuds. Avoid using sharp objects to clean them as these may damage the delicate parts of the ear.

– Have an ear specialist remove excess earwax.

– Avoid exposure to noise for a long time.

– Eat foods rich in Vitamin B and magnesium as they help improve hearing.

The Nose

Imagine losing your sense of smell! You will no longer enjoy the delicious aromas of food, the pleasant scents of nature, as well as the beautiful fragrances of your loved ones.

Thereby, make sure you take care of the nose, which is organ responsible for your sense of smell by

– Not picking it.

– Don’t clean it by inserting any objects, instead always blow it out.

– Stay away from polluted areas and avoid smoking

The Tongue

Imagine a world where you can no longer enjoy the delicious taste of chocolate or ice cream! Now imagine you live in that world!

There is no arguing; it is just horrible! To ensure that your sense of taste is in tip-top shape take care of your tongue by cleaning it daily.

Besides taste, the tongue also plays a vital role in our social confidence as a dirty one not only exposes you to dental diseases but also causes bad breath which can negatively affect your ability to socialize.

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