Detoxification: How & Why You Should Internally Cleanse


We live in a toxic world. Air pollution, water pollution, chemicals in our meats, fish, poultry, fruits, vegetables, nuts, and grains, genetically modified foods, the new cloned meats, all of these toxins force our bodies to respond by breaking down these chemicals so that we can continue to function well.

We are exposed to two general classes of chemicals, those that are water soluble and those that are fat soluble.

If you have ever poured oil into water and seen the separation of the oil from the water, you now understand that the oil and water will not mix or the oils are not soluble in the water.

Gasoline, diesel fuel, paint thinner, ether, DMSO, pesticides, insecticides, motor oil, oil paints, canola oil, polyunsaturated oil, some cosmetics for the skin, hair colorings, nail polish, most perfumes, all soaps, Vaseline-type chemicals, tanning oils, skin creams, skin oils, animal fat, butter, fish oils, cooking oils, Vitamins A, D, E, K, essential fatty acids, most natural and artificial food colors, many natural and artificial food flavors are all oil soluble chemicals.

Water soluble chemicals are those that easily mix in water.

Heavy metals, lymph (the liquid in the lymphatics), liver toxins mixed with bile, kidney excretions, most feces, saliva, alcohol, sugars, most fruits, most vegetables, most starchy foods, most grains are all water soluble chemicals.

The water soluble components are easier to deal with because it is easy to move these into the blood (since blood is primarily water) and lymph (since lymph is primarily water as well). Moving these chemicals through the blood allows delivery to the organ responsible for processing them.

Although many parts of our bodies are involved with detoxification, the most important organs to break down and remove toxins are the liver, the kidney, the colon, the lungs, and the skin. The connection between these organ systems is the blood.

The solubility is more important, initially, than the relative toxicity. A toxic chemical that is fat soluble must initially be processed in the liver. A recently digested nutritional fat must initially be processed in the liver too.

The liver functions determine whether a chemical is a food or is a toxic substance, and also determines if it has time/energy to further process these substances. Toxic chemicals that the liver is unable to process at the time of initial contact are, essentially, ignored.

The lack of liver processing causes the chemical to be left in the bloodstream, causing them to be diffusely distributed amongst the fat cells of the body.

One reason that some obese people are unable to lose weight is that too many chemicals are dumped into the body when these people begin burning their fat.

Other chemically toxic people will have nervous system disorders like MS through the interference in normal nerve signal transmission caused by the high chemical content in the fat cells that serve as insulation for the nerves.

Water soluble components have their “targets” too, with the kidney being most important.

But the liver has its water soluble components (primarily the chemicals already attached to bile after liver conjugation), most lymph products are water soluble, and most of the toxins exhaled by the lungs with exhalation are water soluble as well. And the blood carries them all.

It should be obvious, then, why people like to go on organ detoxification programs like “liver cleanses,” “colon cleanses,” and “kidney cleanses.” But, as many of us have discovered, these cleanses need to be repeated frequently to get good results.

This is because of the targets of these cleanses, the cleanses are aimed at cleaning the organs that detoxify instead of cleaning out the places that the chemicals are stored.

So when you go on an organ cleanse, you can stimulate the organ to cleanse faster by taking herbs, limiting toxin intake, drinking excess water, etc., and this is a good thing!

But the toxins in the body fats and the toxins circulating in the lymph and blood stream are not really being dealt with via an organ cleanse.

After the detoxifying organs have been cleaned out in a detoxifying cleanse or a gradually detoxification using herbs and diet, the chemicals circulating in the blood and lymph are delivered to the detoxifying organs, and they immediately begin working again.

Will this process ever end? NO (thank God). If it stops, we die soon after.

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By Dean Howell, N.D. (Washington)  M.D (Dominican Republic)   Inventor of NeuroCranialRestructuring® and FaceMax®


Dr. Dean Howell, an Internationally Renowned Naturopathic Physician is the inventor and developer of NeuroCranialRestructuring® ( NCR® ) .Widely touted as the newest and most powerful therapy in physical medicine, NeuroCranialRestructuring ( NCR®) treats as many as 80 different Physical conditions that no other treatment does with long term permanent results.

Dean Howell, ND graduated from Bastyr University with his naturopathic medical degree in 1982, after completing a mathematics degree from the University of Washington in 1978. He divides his time between his home office in Los Angeles and his satellite offices in San Diego, Seattle, New York City, Boulder, and London. Website

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