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How often have you found yourself thinking “I wish I just KNEW what my path purpose was?” or “If only I could know for sure if this is what I am supposed to be doing?”  How about, “Shouldn’t this be easier?”

So many times since becoming a spiritual entrepreneur I have found myself thinking those very thoughts.  I have even declared “I will do anything Spirit wants me to do, just tell me if I’m on the right path!”

The need to know our purpose feels authentic and sincere.  The only trouble with this thought pattern is that you have forgotten that you are the one who gets to choose and create your own path and purpose.

Generally speaking, when you long to know your purpose, one or all of the following may be true for you:

  • You have experienced a recent setback that is causing you to question everything.
  • You are secretly, or not so secretly, hoping that Spirit will reveal a path and purpose that is 100% risk free and 100% guaranteed to be successful. In other words, NO CONTRAST.
  • You are feeling a bit insecure and dis-empowered by the circumstances of your life.

There is a false premise you hold that goes something like this:  “If it’s meant to be, Spirit will make it easy and fun all of the time.”  Really?  Was it that way for people like Mother Theresa or Gandhi?  Probably not. Remember, alignment is about feeling good.  That doesn’t mean it will always be easy.

The more accurate belief – and one that will serve you much better is:  “I create my purpose every minute of every day through my beliefs, expectations, and aligned actions.”

Whether you wish to admit this to yourself or not, you did not come here to experience a life where everything is easy and predictable all of the time.

There is tremendous value in contrast and if you’ve been part of my world for any length of time, you know I have written about the value of contrast before.

You came here to create and expand and through your example, assist others in doing the same.

Sometimes, on your journey to feeling consistently happy and fulfilled in life, you will deal with setbacks, challenges, and unwanted circumstances.  This isn’t to punish you for incorrect thinking or to ruin your fun.

There are benefits to be had from the contrast – or as Abraham (channeled by Esther Hicks) calls the “unwanted aspects of life”.

One purpose is the opportunity to recommit to your goal or desire and the clarity of that desire that the contrast birthed within you.

Another purpose offered by Joshua (channeled by Gary Bodley) is to highlight the limiting beliefs you hold that need to be shifted so that you can BECOME the vibrational match to what it is you desire. A third purpose is for the expansion of the Universe.

If everything was nice, predictable, and secure all of the time, the advancements that have been experienced would never come to pass.

Sure, life may be nice but you wouldn’t experience the “knowing what you don’t want” moments the cause you to launch those rockets of desire that expand the entire Universe.

Imagine if the Wright brothers never felt frustration over how long it took to get from point A to point B.  What if the vaccine for polio was never created?  Look at all that has been created due to the experience of contrast.

Look at all of the luxuries and conveniences you enjoy due to the expansion that resulted from someone’s experience of contrast that birthed a rocket of desire?

This Universe is your playground where you grow and expand both yourself and the Universe.  The contrast you experience is your opportunity to choose whether or not you remain committed to your dreams or want to change them.  It truly is all up to you.

Abraham teaches that even if you resist contrast (and therefore your own expansion) it doesn’t stop the expansion of the Universe.  But it does halt your ability to receive the benefit of the expansion as you are not a vibrational match to it.

You are not allowing the Universe to be your cooperative component in the co-creation process.  You are not allowing yourself to BECOME the vibrational match – the person you need to be – to receive that which you claim you desire.

Joshua teaches that the contrast you experience is meant to help you become the person you need to be to have what you desire.  No contrast, no becoming and therefore, no desire manifested.

Learning to see contrast as your opportunity to recommit and expand is the choice that keeps you moving forward on your path.

My daughter watches inspirational videos on YouTube by Nick Vujicic – a man born with no arms or legs.  And what about the competitive gymnast Jennifer Bicker who was also born with no legs.

And let’s not forget Amy Purdy – the competitive snowboarder who won Dancing with the Stars after having her legs amputated due to illness.  What they all have in common is the ability to turn their difficulties into triumphs and inspire others.

Are their paths easy?  NO, but they are rewarding and they are inspiring millions so the next time you wish to complain about your path, you may want to think twice and ask yourself “What is this experience showing me?” instead.

When you look at people who seem to have attained everything they -and you – want from life, it is easy to forget that they nearly always had to deal with a great deal of contrast on their path.  When you admire someone successful, especially someone you feel has changed the world for the better, you are admiring a self-created being who refused to allow disappointment, financial hardship, illness, rejection, disability, or any other challenge to stand in the way.

Call To Action

My coach’s request to you is that if you are not familiar with the stories of people like Oprah, Mike Dooley, Martha Beck, Anthony Robbins, Wayne Dyer, Louise Hay, and Sir Richard Branson – just to name a few – do some research and let their commitment to path and purpose be an inspiration to you!

And if you are currently in the midst of contrast, here are some questions to journal:

  1. What is this experience trying to show me?
  2. What beliefs are being highlighted that need to shift?
  3. How can this experience help me to further clarify my desire?
  4. Whom is the Universe asking me to become?

“For the one who continues, failure becomes impossible.” – Mike Dooley


“With God (Spirit/Source-whatever language speaks to you), nothing is impossible!

I do understand that navigating contrast can be tricky.  If seeing the benefit in contrast is an area where you wish to receive some support, then I recommend we connect!  Simply email me at to request your complimentary Discovery Session and let’s explore how I can support you.

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