Checklist: Choosing A Great Trainer


When selecting a personal trainer it is important to follow these simple guidelines or ask the following questions:

1. Check that your trainer is qualified and insured to protect you against any injuries/accidents that may occur

2. Check that your trainer has experience with injuries, fat loss, pregnancy, older clients, and in any aliment that you have. After all you need them to help YOU.

3. Did your trainer assess you first and find out your goals and also identify any problem areas for you?

4. Do you trust your trainer, are they friendly, well-spoken, motivating, engaging?

5. Does your trainer have an understanding of achieving the best result possible for you through a range of exercises/equipment, not just machine based exercises/equipment? Do you perform different exercises, not just the same ones over and over.

6. Are they on time to your sessions? Do they offer easy payment plans and different options?

7. Does your trainer devote your whole session to just you? Staring into space and answering phone calls whilst training you is not acceptable

8. Does your trainer listen to any worries you may have regarding your training program and modify your workout if needed?

9. Do you have fun in your sessions and are you seeing results?

10. Would you recommend your trainer to your friends/family?

These are some great questions/comments to ask yourself especially if you are thinking about hiring a PT, as not all Trainers are created equal. Your trainer should be ticking all the boxes. Don’t forget you are paying them to help you get to your goals.

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Natalie Carter

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