Awaken Your Sexual Self So You Can Love YOU Even More!

Release Past Sexual Trauma And Set The Foundations For Great Sexual Intimacy

Listen to the message’s from your intuition telling you to wake up and face your true self. This is the time for you to do some self-reflecting and to bring your love for yourself back home to your heart space.

It is a reminder for you to take away the self-judgment, shame, blame or guilt that you have been carrying around for years.

It is a reminder to go back to the flow of life and to allow your energy to move harmoniously in, out and all around you in constant motion.

For when this energy is still and suppressed, it becomes stagnant, slowing eating you up and causing all types of illnesses and heartache.

Like the universe, every aspect of who you are is life force energy, and it is this energy that craves for you to be in a harmonious relationship with every aspect of your being, your mind your unconscious mind, your body and your soul to integrate as one.

Becoming intimate, sensual and feeling sexy will help you deepen the connection that you have with yourself.

Being sensual is all about coming back to your feminine essence and reconnecting with yourself, from the heart space, to the creative expression of who you really are.

I’m talking about reconnecting with your true authentic self, so that you can feel the intimacy that you experience with yourself first, and then use this as the foundation to deepen your relationship with others.

Here are a few activities that I have designed for you in my book I co-authored called ‘You Can Live the Life of Your Dreams’ you can purchase the book off my website and also find more information on upcoming workshops.

  • self-express your sexuality
  • rediscover the relationship that you have with yourself, and
  • set your foundations, so that you can live the sexual life of your dreams
  • have your mindset connect with your vagina /the womb your power centre
  • love your body from the inside out, and
  • open your heart space and surrender to your sexual needs

Release Past Sexual Trauma And Set The Foundations For Great Sexual Intimacy

Your mind is the biggest trickster of all. You came into this world from a place of spirit to experience a human existence. As a human you learn to form emotions, thoughts, feelings and beliefs that tend to get in the way of who you really are.

You even begin to believe other people’s opinions about how they perceive you as a person. It can take just one hurtful word for you to start believing that you are not loved, that you are not good enough or that you don’t belong.

These beliefs come into play during the most influential years of your life, the imprinting years, from birth to the age of seven.

The information that you receive consciously and unconsciously during this time sets the foundation for how you choose to interpret your life experiences here on earth.

It is usually not until our middle ages that these beliefs begin to resurface so that they can be addressed and faced once again.

Children are born with a healthy sexual self. They know what feels good and right and have no issues with exploring their bodies. Have you ever noticed a baby boy with an erection or a young child touch or rubbing themselves against an object or a piece of furniture?

This is a great indication that they are enjoying the feeling and stimulation of an orgasm from their genitalia. This is a natural part of growing up as a sexual being.

Although infants and children are still yet to fully develop as being sexual like adults the fact remains that we were born of sex the moment we were conceived and therefore we are sexual beings.

What so often happens during the child’s imprinting years is that children are reprimanded by a person of influence for masturbating or touching themselves and then told that their behaviour is ‘dirty’ or ‘naughty’.

The child is just doing what feels natural to him or her, now all of a sudden they have been made to feel guilt, regret and ashamed of their actions.

So the child learns to stop touching themselves or they may hide their behaviour and masturbate when no one is watching, feeling that self-pleasure is a naughty thing to do.

Can you remember as a child that someone may have said “don’t touch that, it’s dirty?” Just this line alone can disconnect you from your sexuality.

Sexual abuse, unfortunately, can also occur in the home too with ‘trusted’ adults in the childhood years and this too can distort/repress the future adult’s healthy sexual self.

Once the child has attached shame and guilt to their sexual expression, the child’s emotions and behaviour become repressed and taken into adulthood.

As now the shame-filled child has disconnected from the joy of self-pleasuring causing the neuron pathways connecting the mind and vagina/sexual organs to also disconnect.

It is not the intention of the parent/adult to create such a problem for the child. More often than not, they feel that the information that they are giving them is preparing them for ‘fitting in’ and being accepted in life.

In the case of telling the child ‘it’s dirty’ or ‘we don’t do that …’ the parent was only doing what they were taught or that they thought was best to do. As a child you attach a belief to the words that were said and take it with you as part of who you are.

You are now living a life of past conditioning and making decisions based on meanings you gave to words from someone you trusted and

These decisions and meanings may not serve you now and you may need to change these beliefs to reflect a more healthy sexual self.

Action point:-Positive Sexual Affirmations

We have talked previously about the power of positive thought and how affirmations can help. Now let’s create some positive affirmations about your own sexuality and your sexual self.

Take your pen and paper and write down ten different affirmations to transform old beliefs that you have held about yourself that you are ready to change right now and make new beliefs that will serve you, support you and allow you to be free, loving, giving and able to receive true love, intimacy and great sexual pleasure. e.g.

  • I love myself and I love every part of my body
  • I accept myself for the sexual being that I am, born of true love
  • I love and accept myself for the whole person that I am
  • I am loved and worthy of receiving abundant love
  • I enjoy feeling sexually free to enjoy my whole sexuality and sexual self

Now it’s your turn use the above as a starting point or create more of your own…

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