Am I Losing My Mind? Is It REAL Or IMAGINED?

Losing My Mind

Oh the many times I have asked myself that question. I can’t see it, touch it, hear it so how can it be real?  I am speaking, of course, about all the “mystical” experiences I have had over these last 4 years.

So many times I thought I was losing my mind, going off the “deep end”, waiting for the men in the white coats to come and take me away.

I’m sure many of you have had these experiences in one form or another and just dismissed them as “coincidence”, “just one of those things”, “I must be going crazy”, etc. You get the idea.

Remember back to when you were a child and had your “imaginary” friend?  That one person that always played with you when no one else would, always listened to you, made you laugh, wiped your tears away.

That “friend” was very real to you until someone told you they weren’t. Until you started getting older and it was no longer “cute” for you to be talking to yourself. But were you REALLY talking to yourself?

Spirit is always around us waiting to interact with us if only we would just open our hearts and minds to the experience. All too often, we are looking for that one “AHA” moment, event, proof that we are more than our physical bodies. And what constitutes proof?

Proof is relative. What might be unequivocal proof for me may not be enough for someone else and visa versa.

I read a story a while ago where the person spoke of interacting with her late husband as if he were still in the physical. They had conversations, ate together, made love, did everything that they did together when he was a physical presence.

The majority of others that read her story wrote her off as a woman that was losing her mind, not in touch with reality.

I am sure most of you have had an experience where you cannot prove it, no one was around to witness it with you, but you know down to the very depth of your soul that it was REAL.

NO ONE can tell you otherwise. Why would this woman’s story be any different?

Only YOU can answer whether an experience is real for YOU. We all have our own inner set of criteria and beliefs that we use to evaluate and validate our experiences.

Since you are reading this article, I will make the assumption that you all are at least open to the concept that there is more to our existence than these physical shells. Here is a little experiment that you can conduct:

When you are relaxed and quiet, call Spirit to you and ask to be touched. You can specify where you want to be touched, i.e. cheek, hand, etc. Close your eyes and notice what you feel.

The sensation will probably be very light, almost like a tickle and you may experience chills or goose bumps. Once you’ve noticed a sensation, ask to be touched again in a different area.

This second request serves as a validation for you. Will the experience be real? Only you can decide. If nothing else, it will surely make you wonder won’t it?

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