8 Dental Industry Trends In 2019

Dental Industry Trends In 2019

Maintaining excellent dental health is essential for the overall health of a human organism. For this reason, it is a great idea to keep up with the new industry trends and use them to your advantage.

Dental industry is developing new trends which make quality dental care more accessible and affordable for everyone. Here are some of the best dental trends for 2019.

Laser Technology

Laser technology is fast, very effective and painless treatment that is used for many medical procedures for several years now. Dental care industry presents the use of laser technology as a new dental trend for 2019.

It helps to eliminate any discomfort during dental procedures such as filing cavities, treating the sensitivity of the teeth, eliminating tumors etc. It is effortless for both patients and dentists in treating a wide array of dental ailments.

Moreover, treating bacteria and improving oral hygiene will become very fast and efficient.

Custom-Made Mouth Guard

The increasing popularity of mouth guards is due to a global increment of the mouth-grinding problem. Sadly, it is a very common problem these days due to a very stressful lifestyle.

This kind of problem should not be ignored. Therefore, a new and affordable solution for this problem is ordering your custom –made night guard online. Dentists order mouth guards from a dental lab and this makes it much more expensive for patients in need.

The new ongoing trend for ordering these devices online gives an affordable and easy solution to everyone.

3D Printing

Rising in the use of three-dimensional printing in dental technology is a big step forward for the dental industry. Used only in the dental technology for creating orthodontic devices, 3D printing has been involved in the industry for a while now.

However, now it’s growing more and more popular in general dentistry for implants, prosthodontics and more.

The fast-growing development of 3D printing helps dental labs to make their own products and devices and not to delegate it to a third party. Moreover, this will make oral products and devices available for patients at a lower cost.

The availability of a variety of materials, such as resins, increases dental practices’ reliance on 3D printing. Dentists can now print denture bases and surgical guides.

Digital Capabilities

As in any other industry field, the advantages of the modern technology also apply in dental care practice too. One of the trends that is continuing to grow in 2019 is the use of online booking software.

As e-mailing, online booking and chatting is evidently replacing the telephone, people prefer to make an appointment online avoiding making a call.

Dental practices start to use online booking software to make it easier and faster for their patients to manage their appointments.

Moreover, most of the websites will be having cloud-based data storage which allows the patient to access their health record online anytime and anywhere.

Dentistry Apps

It is not a surprise that dental industry is not an exception when it comes to using mobile applications for helping patients keep track of their dental health. New and revolutionized dentistry apps are expected to be developed in 2019.

Patients can download and install these apps on either IOS or Android devices. Moreover they can use them to schedule, make payments, consult their dentist and find useful advices for their oral hygiene.

Online Dentist Appointment

The rise in demand of a healthcare has overwhelmed the dentists’ schedules in many countries in the world. Therefore, the practice of a live video is very important when it comes to satisfying every patient‘s urgent needs.

A live video allows a real-time communication with patients for providing any assistance needed from their dentist. Patients can ask questions and receive instant feedback on how to improve their dental health.

It is extremely helpful for those people who are not able to physically move to their dentists or live in remote areas.

Robots As Dentists

China’s efforts to address the lack of dentists in the country resulted in using robotic dentists that can perform any kind of dental procedure. It is a trend that people should look out for in 2019.

As the fast growing improvement in dental care continues to lead the way in healthcare technology, it will not be a surprise if dental robots become a widely spread concept.

Friendly Financing

Dentists today provide more than just health care. Truth be told, dentistry services are not easily affordable for every patient. Therefore, dentists provide different financing options to help patients that are not able to pay up front.

Financing can be managed in-house or through a third-party company that specializes in these types of scenarios. This concept benefits both the dentists and their patients.

Moreover, it gives equal opportunity for dental health to anyone, but also allow dentists to profit more off of the treatment they give.

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