Get Healthy And Get Outside. 5 Great Tips

Get Healthy

Do you want to get healthy? 2020 has made it difficult to go out and get healthy. Even as cities ease up on lockdown measures, the ongoing pandemic remains a deep-piercing thorn to everyone’s outdoor plans.

Aside from COVID-19, the increasingly unpredictable shifts in temperature and weather conditions have also affected how people go about their normal outdoor activities.

Nonetheless, outdoor exercise and those relaxing afternoon walks are possible if done correctly and will help you to get healthy.

Go Jogging

Casual jogs or intense runs along the local park have always been a simple yet effective way of staying fit.

Running, even at the lowest intensities, has been proven by numerous studies to help build strong bones, strengthen the leg muscles and your cardiovascular system, and assist in weight maintenance.

Consider scheduling your runs during off-peak hours to avoid close physical proximity with other people.

With COVID-19, you’ll want to run at times when there is fewer people on the park or trail you are running through.

If running in times of low visibility, such as early morning or late evening, invest in reflective gear, such as a vest or jacket.

Go Cycling

Similar with jogging, cycling benefits the cardiovascular system as well as the leg muscles.

Cyclists can also enjoy improvements in joint mobility and decreased stress levels.

As much as it is meant to be a physically strenuous activity, you can also turn cycling into a soothing one to calm the mind in stressful times.

Consider using an electric bike to get farther with less effort spent. E-bikes can be especially advantageous for people with certain health conditions as it can assist you in traversing uphill or downhill pathways with ease.

Go Hiking

A list of outdoor exercises isn’t complete without “hiking” as one of the central points.

Hiking is a great outdoor activity that hits both criteria of

1.) being physically challenging and

2.) being socially responsible and safe.

Plan ahead and prepare your route and the supplies you’ll need to make your journey.

The more difficult the trail you’re planning to complete is, the more planning and preparation should be put into it.

Hiking is versatile enough as a solo or family activity and can be adjusted to provide either a physically challenging experience or a mentally calming one or perhaps a bit of both.

Go Fishing

Fishing is another solitary outdoor activity that can give you a good workout. Most fishing spots have low foot traffic, so you’re less likely to get caught in the middle of a crowd.

Fishing, similar with hiking, can give you a good mental break as well. It exposes you to nature and slows down the fast-paced lifestyle you are used to at work.

If nothing else, fishing will also teach you the value of patience. Those who fish can attest to the fact that you can spend countless hours in the water without so much as a single bite on your bait.

Learning about different species of fish, angling techniques, and bait can also be a good mental exercise to keep your mind sharp.

Go Do Small-Group Fitness Classes

Small-group classes are becoming a popular trend in a time when most establishments are required by law to remain closed.

While Zoom yoga or aerobics classes let you stay fit and safe at the same time, the virtual format of these classes aren’t for everybody.

Some would argue that it’s not as engaging of an experience when you’re doing yoga all alone in your apartment and staring into a screen for instructions.

The visual and social aspects of these experiences play an integral role in the overall impact it has on one’s mind and body.

Small-group fitness sessions that are strictly controlled are a good compromise between the two extremes.

Studios make it a point to limit the class size and to sanitize every item and surface that you’ll come in contact with.

Going outside for exercise is important but not as important as ensuring your safety as well as the safety of others.

Before engaging in any of the aforementioned outdoor activities, put some thought as to what times would best work, where you should do it, and what additional safety precautions you should take.

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