Why Cosmic Radiance?

Cosmic Radiance

When the more difficult things in life’s journey present themselves, like doors banging closed; it suddenly creates a change.

DIS-ease may occur, either emotionally, mentally, physically or spiritually, and at the point of ‘I don’t know where to go or what to do’. This may be when you need someone to guide you on your journey to enhanced intuition.

By shifting to a new level of awareness, the soul re-awakens to remember what it originally knew to be true; but in this process, it often needs to create new attributes for the body it lives in to hold this new energy.

“The dam can’t hold back the pressure forever without a lot of maintenance”.

Often you hear a person say ‘I am feeling so lost and alone’ but at the same time you observe them experiencing incredible ‘Ah‑hah’ awakenings but they just can’t recognise them as ‘a gift’ because at this point, they are lost in the ego’s void.

Your guides have been with you since childhood Pip and are quite playful. There is much you can learn from them if you learn to be still. Make time to listen.

Warmest wishes. Jeanette (Wilson) Spiritual teacher and Medium. 2006

I believe this is why so many cultures have ‘spiritual guides’ in the form of Witch Doctors, Shamans, Priests, Monks, Mediums, etc., to support the awakening soul, to help point out life’s synchronicities so that change can be easier for one and all.

This supportive role helps the soul to safely transition to the next stage of evolution where the old body can choose to shed the ‘excess limitations from itself’ to create a lighter, easier one to move forward in.

Just like a butterfly, we need to shake off old aspects of self. To enable transitional change, through new awakenings, to be more incredible, so we can fly higher.

So Why Would We Want To Embark On This Journey?

By learning how to shift through fears and worries, you find that each step you take becomes easier. By accepting ourselves more, we get the chance to feel what life really can be and is; through feelings of Love, Compassion, Joy, Passion and Gratitude.

The aim of the Cosmic Radiance is to learn to be all that we can be and to know we have access to the right tools to help ourselves.

Re-remember that energetically we are all interconnected and we are all amazing beings of colourful light, so allow your-self to be held in [God’s / Creator’s / Universe’s] colourful embrace.

Know all is OK, you are OK, and we are all OK.

So What Is The Answer?

Well, one key is to identify a peaceful place within ourselves, (however tiny it seems) and then breathe in love to your heart and tell yourself repeatedly:

“I am safe; I feel peaceful and loved. I am OK.”

By creating a sense of awareness through repetitive positive thoughts means you give yourself permission to let go of any fear that has made you feel stuck within the ego’s void. All you need to do is realise that you can do it and ‘It is possible’. This is where a mentor can hold you safely in that process. Allowing yourself ‘to be’ within this process is a gift you can learn with the right nurturing support around you.

Allow space for peace within … and more peace will follow

The next key is the alignment of the heart with the stomach and head, and when you understand what you truthfully feel then you really know it. It just is.

You know you are on the right track when you can feel more peaceful and life flows easier. More space for abundant manifestation occurs and all of a sudden everything starts to make sense.

The key is to find your creative passion

Who Am I? Answer These Questions:

What is my need?

What is my passion?

What keeps me alive?

What is my goal?

Now ask yourself these questions to establish your creative gift:

What holds me back from living healthily, happily and abundantly?

How could I make my life easier and create a positive change?

Be aware of what you ask for, because you may just get it.

If you put a call out to the universe for change and it happens then why recoil or rebuff it?

Instead, embrace it with love and be

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Philippa OxladePhilippa Joy Oxlade – Spiritual Success Mentor


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