What’s The Vibrational Meaning Of Love?

vibrational meaning of love

What Is LOVE? Well, if you’re a numerologist like me, love reduces to the number 9 (just like in that old song ‘Love Potion No. 9’)

In numerology every letter has a vibration, represented by a number from 1 to 9. By adding up the letters, we see that:

LOVE = 3+6+4+5 = 18, and 1+8 = 9

So, What Do The Numbers 1, 8 &  9 Mean?

1 looks like a tree and represents new beginnings and creativity. Words like man, hero and spirit equal one.

8 looks like an hourglass and represents infinite power and balance. Words like faith, karma, mountain and God equal eight. Notice how the 8 also looks like an infinity symbol turned on its side? It’s all about digging deep and finding strength within.

9 looks like a fern frond, or someone in deep thought, and represents forgiveness and completion. Words like grief, grow and opportunity add up to nine.

So using a bit of poetic licence, Love (18/9) involves climbing a mountain in order to complete a journey of growth. Interesting, huh? Let’s take our analysis a bit further, by looking at other words which equal 18/9.

Words with a similar vibration to LOVE (18/9)

Chess – Like chess, love is most rewarding when you have the vision and patience to keep taking small steps towards a goal.

Lung – Just as we need two lungs to function, we need two ‘loves’ to function; self-love and other-love. Without self-love we tend to place too much pressure on other people to support us, which can only result in collapse.

Fresh air is vital for our lungs as well relationships, and the only way to keep that energy flowing is to keep exhaling the past.

Gym – Well, love is the ultimate workout for your heart. I guess it’s no coincidence that people often join a gym after a breakup. Maybe they’re subconsciously getting their bodies ready to start pumping with love again.

Ego – The more we learn about love, the more we realise that our ego is here to protect us, much like our ribcage protects our lungs. The trick is to allow the love and oxygen to keep flowing even when we feel vulnerable.

Hand – Love is more than just sweet talking. It means giving others a hand in a crisis.

Dance – Learning how to dance requires good listening, to your body and to the music. When we live a more spontaneous life we find it easier to love because love likes a party!

Play – I believe that your love life reflects your love of life. Happiness is a great beautifier and an irresistible quality in a partner.

Real – I’ve heard it said that only love is real. Imagine living from a place where you are love, your partner is love, your home is love, your work is love, even the computer you’re reading this on is love.

What would that be like? (If you have trouble visualising this concept, try replacing love with jellybeans… then imagine that the jellybeans are love!)

Have – We live in a fair Universe where to have love, you must give love. If you are feeling low on love, perhaps it’s time to give yourself a massage, rest or holiday to send out a cosmic message that you’re ready to start receiving again.

So, How Would I Sum Up The Meaning Of LOVE?

Well – if you’re too busy to play CHESS, then perhaps you could go to the GYM or take your partner by the HAND and DANCE?

All these activities transport you from a state of EGO to a state of PLAY, which can only increase your level of energy, and the more energy you HAVE, the more LOVE your heart can hold.

And if you’re really stuck for ideas, maybe it’s time to take a trip to Hawaii, because OAHU adds up to 18/9. Yes, that’s for REAL.

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Sarah Yip  is an Australian psychic who uses palmistry, numerology and clairvoyance to illuminate your life’s purpose.

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