Kabbalah – What Is It?


Kabbalah is an ancient wisdom that teaches practical ways to receive fulfillment through participating in the intention of life.

Kabbalah Is Not…

  • Kabbalah is not a religion
  • Kabbalah is not Jewish mysticism
  • Kabbalah does not have a place of worship; i.e. no church, synagogue, temple, etc.
  • Kabbalah does not have any middle-men; i.e. no priest, minister, or rabbi, etc. required for a closer connection
  • Kabbalah does not cost any money – this differentiates authentic Kabbalah from other sources
  • Authentic Kabbalah is free and has no association with material wealth
  • Kabbalah is not just for Jewish people – Christianity had an awakening to Kabbalah during the Renaissance period

Kabbalah Is…

  • Kabbalah means “receive” in Hebrew
  • Kabbalah does not conflict with science
  • Kabbalah addresses THE question, “why?”
  • The first Kabbalah book  was written by Abraham 18 B.C. and predates all existing religions – The Book of Creation
  • Kabbalah is a science of metaphysics
  • Kabbalah does not conflict with any religions
  • Kabbalah teaches practical tools for becoming conscious of ourselves, our actions, and how to create positive connections in our lives

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