The Mysteries Of Life Unknown Realities Experienced

Mysteries Of Life

The mystery of life is not a problem to be solved but a reality to be experienced.”– Aart Van Der Leeuw

This quote was posted by Lisa Meade’s Winthinsight Women’s Wisdom on Facebook and it took me quite by surprise.  Surprise why? 

At the same moment that I read this quote a song called ‘Building a Mystery’ by Sarah McLaughlin was playing on my radio (remember those things before technology arrived where you had a dial to turn stations – well I still have one and use it).

So I am reading that the mystery of life is a reality to be experienced while listening to how to build reality in the song.

The winds have carried a message lately that has been made loud and clear in my personal journey of the relationship between knowing and unknown, life and death, light and dark and what is truth verse illusion.

The song speaks about the dark side of life simply being an edge that is being lived upon that teeters between these relationships and how beautiful that reality is.  Yet, it can bring up fear, chaos, and what many deem as darkness.

We are in a period of time that truly speaks to experiencing rather than knowing.

As we leave imprints upon the Earth with every step we make, send out energetic signatures with every word spoken, and vibrations with every breath taken, it can feel overwhelming and confusing to know the direction taken when living and experiencing the mysteries.

So many sharing their own wisdom that comes in the winds, so many sharing their thoughts on what a soul ‘needs’, and so many sharing their own personal beliefs that is the ‘way’to shift the reality you are experiencing.

I, too, have shared many of these same things.

We hear it is the rise of feminine energy – does this mean the fall of the masculine energy ‘needs’ to happen?  We hear walk in light – does this mean that those still in a dark and hopeless state ‘need’ be left behind?

We hear that we should only think and speak positive – does this mean we are doing something ‘wrong’ if we think angry thoughts or become depressed?

For so long in our generations we have, as a society, told others that the only ‘way’ was their way.  This has left society separated even further in a darkness that a teacher of mine refers to as duality.

The key to experiencing the reality of this mystery is to bring your soul into unity with all that is.

How does one do this? Stop judging yourself for those things in life that you cannot change immediately and instantaneously.

Rather, breathe in moment by moment and let the change happen moment by moment. In this way you are open to receive all the teachings that Life may offer.

Each moment in time opens you to love even more, to forgive with grace, and to have more compassion for the rest of life. You are NOT your feelings; feelings are NOT fact. We simply carry our feelings within us.

The authentic truth of who YOU are is beyond emotion. Emotions are perceptions acquired over time. Your authentic self is beyond time – it is an expression of Divine Source.

The words of an amazing teacher and Mohawk Elder Sarah Smith who spoke of her own authentic truth’s in this statement that sums the answer to may riddles.  “I stand for the children of tomorrow. I believe in the constructive aspect of humanity.

We need each other. We need to come together in the circle of life, and not leave anyone behind.

We need to reach out to each other and accept each other unconditionally. More than ever, it is necessary for people to face the light and walk in balance. In every darkened valley there us a light source; walk toward it. Stand in your own truth.

No one is like you. You have your own particular gift, and your own contribution to make.”

Matriarchal energy power is vital to the changing world. Women’s voices must be heard in balance with the Men’s voice for Mother Earth to become into full balance. As the heart of the woman beats – so does the heartbeat of Mother Earth.

Women are the strength upon which the imprints are left. It is time to celebrate the union as they come into full balance.

If the woman’s heartbeat is weak, the nations are weak. If her heart beat is strong, then the nation is strong. Anyone who works to redeem another’s soul from darkness they are experiencing also works to redeem the world as well.

Remember that a sacred life does not live in compartments; it is within all domains of your life. There are no hidden doors, the time for living a seamless open life is now. Be true to the light within you; not to someone else’s light. There is no one way, only your way.

Your own answers come when you ask to hear them and silence yourself to hear them.  It is in the moments between the breath, in that pure silence, which the winds will whisper your answers and guide you toward your truth.

As the Earth herself struggles with balance, so does society.  As society struggles with balance, so does humanity. As humanity struggles with balance, so does your soul. To end the struggles, find the balance within you.

The balance of feminine and masculine energies – yes we all encompass both. The balance of life and death – yes we all live and we all will experience a death of some sort, whether that is physical death, the death of a relationship, a death of a career – it matters not.

The balance of light and dark – yes we all have both and even shadows between them.  Neither right, neither wrong – they just are. The union of all parts of your soul into one is the experience of Divine ecstasy and Divine love.

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Dr Carla Goddard

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