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Restore Your Confidence

How To Fully Exercise & Reach Your Potential

For as long as I can remember, exercise has been co-opted as a tool in the pursuit of image or some kind of lifestyle...

Self-Belief. Belief In Others. Spiritual & Religious Belief.

When I think of the word ‘beliefs’ I think of several things. What I would like to do for this article is to separate...
Self-Confidence After Baby

Finding Your Self-Confidence After Baby

Being a mum is hard work. Not only is there a little person 100% dependent on you, but your confidence and your health can...
Learn How To Practise Self Love

Self Love – Building Self Esteem

SELF LOVE. BUILDING SELF ESTEEM HOLISTIC LIVING MAGAZINE ISSUE 6 SEPTEMBER 2016 Editor in Chief Sharon White Editor at Large Cassandra Jones Layout Artist Francisco Mendoza III If you...
Living With Diabetes

Living With Diabetes. Find The Sweetness In Life.

Living with Diabetes is a huge challenge in today’s society. In fact Diabetes Australia reports 280 Australians develop Diabetes every day. That’s one person...
positive affirmations for self esteem

20 Positive Affirmations For Self Esteem Boosting

This weekend I went away for the long weekend and I took my own advice (I do that sometimes). The picture above is where...

Intimacy. How To Be Loved And Respected For Who You Are!

Intimacy - in today's world "intimacy" is often associated with sexuality.  This is a shame because, by definition, intimacy is "a close or warm...
Be who you are

Top 10 Tips To Be Who You Are

The best thing about being who you really are is that you simply cannot fail. You do it successfully 24 hours a day. Yet...
Food, dieting & love

Food, Dieting & Love

As a young girl growing up I learnt early on to associate my lovability with my body shape, size and appearance.  If I was...
Enlightened Eating

Enlightened Eating: The Body, Mind & Soul Of Food

Food. Love it, hate it. Either way we simply cannot survive without it. When we look back over history, much like humans, food has...

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