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Change These 5 Bad Habits To Help You Sleep

Losing sleep puts you at a disadvantage for the entire day, and loses you part of the next day in sleep debt. Keep it...
Sleep Well

Can Lack Of Sleep Affect You?

Of course lack of sleep affects all of us. When we don’t get enough sleep or we have poor sleeping habits, our body and...
Relaxation, NLP & Hypnotherapy

Relaxation, NLP & Hypnotherapy

What is Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) and how can it help with relaxation? Neuro – Refers to our nervous system. The nervous system is the part of us that coordinates our...

Relaxation. Why Do We Need It?

Full disclosure, I’ve just spent a week in Thailand relaxing by a pool, not checking email, or fielding phone calls and totally and utterly...
Love Yourself

Do You Love Yourself? Health & Wellness Tips

I have always been somebody who has worked really hard and never given themselves time to have a break. I saw myself as a...

Health & Wellness Tips. 9 Steps To Keeping Calm Under Stress

In the world today life itself can be so stressful. We seem to have so much more to do and less time to do...
Meditation Made Simple

3 Steps To Meditation. Meditation Made Simple.

Many people find meditation when they are unwell. I had a friend who was diagnosed with cancer and it was only then that she...
Gratitude Journal

Nourish Your Adrenals And Experience Zest In Your Life!

If you’ve ever lacked motivation, had low energy and no drive to get up and go then there is a good chance that your...
Transforming Wounds

Transforming Wounds Through Pauses – Planting A Seed

As I have expanded my horizons, I have had some questioning of my own theories, perceptions and my own truths. At times, situations give...

Sleep, Everyone Needs It! – Not Everyone Gets Enough

How much sleep? At least 6 hours each night. In order to have optimal health you must be able to switch your brain off...

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