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Stress How Does It Affect Your Body?

As I mentioned in previous articles to understand what stress does to us, we have to look back thousands of years ago at a...

Anxiety And The Adrenal System. Health & Wellness Tips.

How many tigers have you had to run away from today? Many or none? I guess the answer is none. Does your body realise...

Stress And Anxiety, Are They Killing Us?

Definition Of Stress (n) - Bing Dictionary 1. Strain felt by somebody: mental, emotional, or physical strain caused, e.g. by anxiety or overwork. It may cause...
Flu & Cold

Flu & Cold Smackdown!

Cold and flu season is about to strike here in the Southern Hemisphere and since I know you're just like me, the thought of...

Training & The Immune System

As endurance athletes, the majority of our focus is on training the cardiovascular system. We are always looking to the next major goal and...

Using Psychology To Improve Your Race Day Performance

"After 13 years of coaching and interacting with athletes I find that the biggest single hurdle for athletes is their mental approach to racing...
Why It Is So Important To Keep Your Immune System Strong

Healthy & Fast – Why It Is So Important To Keep Your Immune System...

Why is it so important to keep your immune system strong & why it will help you go faster? We’ve all heard it before...

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