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NLP - Training Diets

NLP – Training Diets

Let's start by being honest and admit that most diets don’t work. You must have already tried some and found that out yourself! And...
mind works

Your Mind Works

Have you ever wondered why you automatically know the difference between something that happened yesterday and something that happened when you were a child? This...
What Is A Limiting Belief

What Is A Limiting Belief?

Limiting beliefs are the things in life that stop us getting what we want. They can be something we have heard from others and...
Phobia Cure

Phobia Cure

How good would it be if you knew you could get rid of a phobia in 3 hours or less? Well you can by...
Negative Emotions Cause Disease In The Body

Negative Emotions Cause Disease In The Body [Emotional Hurt]

There have been many studies looking at how our emotions affect our body at a cellular level. It has been concluded that negative emotions...

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