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art therapy

Art Therapy – It Might Be More Than You Think

Have you been to art therapy? Are you interested in releasing emotions without speaking? If so read on... I patiently waited. This wasn’t the first...
Muscle Pain

The 6 Best Ways To Heal Muscle Pain Post Workout

All workouts exert stress on your body, trigger fluctuations in your hormones and enzyme levels and leave you fatigued. But they also lead to...
Mental Health Is An Issue

We Know Mental Health Is An Issue. Why Don’t We Properly Tackle It?

Mental health is an issue and 2019 is not even halfway completed and look at all of the horrific events that have happened in...
CBD Oil For Pets

Does CBD Oil For Pets Really Work?

As a pet parent, you do all you can to create a comfortable, healthy environment for your pet. But if your furry friend is...
Look Young & Vibrant

5 Ways To Feel & Look Young & Vibrant

Feeling young can do your health a lot of good. In studies conducted by researchers from Harvard Medical School, they inferred that psychologically feeling...
Wellness With Naturopathy

Boost Your Wellness With Naturopathy

In today’s world, new medical advancements have allowed us to keep and control our health with various medicaments and cures. Little do people know,...
Rapid Transformation Therapy

Rapid Transformation Therapy – Hypnotherapy On Speed!

Imagine life free from anxiety, addiction and bad habits such as binge eating, smoking or excessive drinking. Imagine feeling confident in any situation and...
Beat Addiction

Improve Yourself & Beat Addiction For Good

Until the past 20 years or so, people rarely talked about addiction. When someone could not control their drinking, it was just because they...
Dogs For Seniors

The Amazing Healing Power Of Dogs For Seniors

The relationship between humans and dogs is nearly impossible to put into words. There’s an unspoken bond of love, empathy and understand that each...
Functionality Of The Brain

The Shrewdness Of Functionality Of The Brain

With over a billion neurons, the brain is one of the most complex nervous systems that control almost every bit of human activity –...

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