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What Is Meditation?

What Is Meditation?

It is a method, a discipline, that when we follow it properly we find that it helps us to discover ourselves, what we really...
Cleanse The Colon Using Salt

An Easy Way To Cleanse The Colon Using Salt

Everybody has heard the saying “You are what you eat” well unfortunately nowadays we eat a lot of rubbish. These poor eating habits are a...
What Can You Learn From Meditation

What Can You Learn From Meditation? Which Celebrities Use It?

One of the many great things about meditation is that there’s no one-size-fits-all formula. There are many different meditation techniques, many different benefits, and...

Naturopathy – What Is It?

Over the last 12 years I’ve written a lot of articles about different aspects of naturopathic health, some about treatments, some about herbs or...

Chiropractic – What Is It?

As an introduction to what is Chiropractic, I will use the current definition from the Chiropractors Association of Australia. Chiropractic is a healthcare discipline...
Nervous System

The Chiropractic Adjustment And Your Nervous System

The term often used by a chiropractor to correct spinal dysfunction is called an adjustment.  There are many ways to perform an adjustment and...

Relax Your Mind Using Breath

More and more people are tired of being stressed and are desperately searching for answers on how to relax especially at the moment when...

Falls & You

If you have had any prior experience with a physiotherapist, it is clear they have the knowledge and skill to offer more than just...
vibrational meaning of love

What’s The Vibrational Meaning Of Love?

What Is LOVE? Well, if you’re a numerologist like me, love reduces to the number 9 (just like in that old song ‘Love Potion...
Healing Stories

Healing Stories

I find that when we share what has happened in our lives and how we overcome the obstacles, we give power to others to...