It’s Love-O’clock – Choosing Spiritual Healing Love For The Planet

love for the planet

With the recent quake and tsunami in Japan, and now a deeply dangerous reactor melt-down, our world has been permanently rocked. I’m afraid we cannot go back to innocence anymore dear sisters and brothers of Earth.

There’s no more time to hide our head in the sands of denial about the darkness afoot in the land. It’s time for a major change – a major, planetary spiritual healing. And it’s up to each and every one of us to make that change now – from the inside-out.

I believe that the acceleration of events on our Earth – from earthquakes to political upheaval, from the total pillaging of our planet’s natural resources to the ever-increasing reduction of our rights (rights to things like privacy, civil liberties, and the ability to choose non-GMO foods) is a loud and clear message from Gaia, Mother Earth, that it’s time we changed.

Despite the fear and danger before us, we don’t have to make this the end of the world. Although prophesies run the gamut from armageddon to ET landings, holy raptures or polar shifts, it’s my deepest belief that the outcome of this shift of the ages is definitively in OUR hands.

It’s time to fully heal folks. It’s love O’clock. Spiritual healing love for the planet!

I believe that we as a collective human family MUST now choose love. Our planet and our very survival may depend on it. There are so many excuses for unforgiveness, standing in judgement, withholding acceptance and holding grudges.

But it’s all ego-identity nonsense in the end. Underneath, what fuels a stance of non-loving is always and only a vibration of fear – fear that we’ll be taken advantage of, fear that we won’t be loved, fear of being left out, and the fear of the ego, that it’s precious ‘identity’ is threatened if our thoughts or beliefs aren’t ‘right’.

Love really IS the only miracle. And as we stand at this edge of a new world, a fire of toxic radiation now out of control in one corner of our Earth, we simply have no more time to do anything else.

Rise up, wake up sisters and brothers of Earth. Let love fill you, let forgiveness and compassion  – for yourselves and all others – reign.

Let us turn this tide of darkness in one fell swoop with our wild and wooly hearts. Let’s LIVE this planetary spiritual healing. Let’s make it Love O’clock, with every breath we take!

Prayers I send to the hearts of all – that we may each now shed the fear and embody the LOVE vibration!

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Dawn DelVecchio

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