Solar Plexus – Developing ‘Narcissistic’ Energy … Is That A Good Thing?


Personal power.  It gives us our individual uniqueness to the world.  It is our ego’s home.  It is how we relate to the external world.  Our magnetic energies that mediate between our physical beings and our consciousness.

Yet, it is also the place where we Honor ourselves.  It gives us endurance and integrity – our personal code of ethics.  The sacred truth is that it is much like the confirmation in the Christian faith.  It is our solar plexus.

Confirmation is the self respect that separates us from our tribal self.  This is truly where many fears originate.  The fear of rejection, the fear of criticism, fear in outward appearance, and even fear that some secret we perceive in our mind will come to light.

The imbalance in this power center causes issues not only with our mental and emotional well being of newing who we are; it can also cause power issues with your stomach area.

The statement that represents this chakra center is “To thine own self be true”. 

The emergence of your “confirmation” of self to thine own self and to the external world is where the self respect and self discipline in life generate the ability to take action that strengthens one’s character.

Many times when we see souls that do not like themselves it is due to an issue with the solar plexus.  This chakra center becomes into full activation during one of the most difficult times in a person’s life. 

During puberty each soul is discovering who they really are and they are beginning to express that to the world.

This self understanding and acceptance of self during this time is when the deeper challenge of bonding the external self with the spiritual self begins. It is that age old saying “our bodies thrive when our spirits thrive”.

It is vital on multiple energy levels that our personal power is seated well in honoring ourselves both externally and internally.  There are stages (as there are in every energy center) to the evolution of the center. 

It is important to understand that if we do not honor ourselves, then it is near impossible to honor the relationship with anyone else including spirit.

It is necessary to honor yourself in order to honor our tribe, our partnerships, our relations, our earth, and most importantly our spirits.

When we make the choice between spirit and the illusion of the physical world it is powered by the solar plexus.  The choices made either draw us further into duality into the material world or we invest our energy and power into the spiritual world. 

It is important to note here that every choice that we as human energy souls make will either increase our energy fields or decrease them.

It truly is our choice.  From a shamanic point of view, the stronger the spirit the less the linear time in the world becomes important.  It becomes possible to truly live in the moment, to cross into the spirit world and focus upon being a whole, unified soul.

This power center is also where the “follow your gut instinct” phrase is based upon.  There is a difference between an instinct and your psychic or prophetic (telling of the future) abilities.  Your instinct is based upon the use of energy signatures at any given moment.

The energetic signature of a person or situation takes into account, instantaneously, the emotional, physical, mental, and spiritual energies allowing for this ‘gut instinct’ to kick in.  When we ignore this ‘instinct’ we make a choice to ignore our power center. 

When we choose to listen to our gut instinct, we have the energetic opportunity to influence our immediate reality.

Here is the real kicker. 

The problem with the ‘gut instinct’ is that by the time we begin to recognize the energetics of it our belief systems, our ego’s, and our self esteem has suffered energy loss and blocks which no longer allows us to have faith and trust in that ‘gut instinct’.

If we go back to the Christian confirmation we see that it means that we have become internally empowered by the spirit.  So our faith must be intact in order for this energy center to work at its full potential. 

Faith is really a combination of self-esteem and personal power.  Without either one faith does not have any foundation to work from.

So we must look at personal power from a different perspective to truly have a good grasp on this energy center.  In order to have personal power one must first begin to develop a healthy self-esteem.

This development stage happens as we break from the tribal authority and develop our own identity, finding our own voice, and begin to stand in our own personal truth which is a reflection of our belief system.

We have to asses our relationship with the Great Spirit, Source, God/dess, or what ever your spiritual faith is in.  It is during this phase that we begin to develop the idea of what our purpose is and to take action with our own individual choices.

Narcissistic energy (I know what you are thinking – but stick with me here) is the energetic signature that helps us to have a backbone and create boundaries for our selves.  This energy is part of this center’s core. 

The final stage is to now maintain their own principles, their own dignity, and their own faith without breaking their own moral ethics.

All of this leads to a number of challenges or obstacles to having a healthy solar plexus center.  This is a center that at it’s essence is honor oneself and stand in truth. 

It is difficult to go into the depths of this center with all the possibilities, but to begin working on this center ask yourself if you are standing and speaking the same truth as your gut instinct shares.  It is a beginning.

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Carla Goddard

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