Are You Sick Of Being Sick? Do You Want Great Health?


Are you happy with the way the world is or does it sometimes make you sick?

I have just come back from my holiday. I had an AMAZING trip (a real eye opener) to Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Singapore and a fleeting trip to Malaysia.

While I was there I realised how grateful I am for the life I live. While In Dubai and Abu Dhabi we found out how the other half live. This is what we learned…

Many of the people who are there are allowed into the country to work, many are from Asian countries.

They work 12 hour days, get paid a tiny amount of money, the employers house the staff in rooms with up to 2 other people and give them food, because they could not afford to feed themselves on what they earn.

If they are sick they have to PAY their employers for taking time off and their passport is taken away.

To me this does not seem very fair. It is a country with high powers of control over their people and in no way do the rules empower the people who live there.

I also had an experience of this myself 2 weeks ago when a large school tried to control me. Read more in this article.

This led me to thinking about where else in the world this is happening. I know governments do it to us all of the time and so does the pharmaceutical industry.

We are led to believe they are there to help us and they are our “friends” but instead they feed us food, pills and potions that are poisoning us so they make more money.

It seems that almost every conversation about the ‘future of healthcare’ includes discussions around prevention and wellness strategies.

Governments and industry are acutely aware that our current healthcare systems are geared towards “sick care” i.e. treating people when they are unwell, rather than “well care” i.e. keeping people as healthy and productive as they can be. – Dr Avnesh Ratnanesan

This is the way it has always been but is it the way it has to be in the future? I guess that the “sick care” is not working as effectively as many of us would want it to be and know it is time to make a change.

So why not flip our thinking around 180 degrees and start talking about wellness care. Lets talk about prevention rather than finding a cure.

Lets teach people how to live from a place of wellness rather than a place of sickness. Lets start sharing our information and empowering others to make a decision that makes them well again.

The old way of control and keeping people in the dark is long gone and we now need to give people alternatives that will help them get and stay well.

It is time for us to stop listening to the people who are making money by keeping us sick and start learning and empowering ourselves.

In order to do this, we have to change our behaviours and beliefs, rather than taking prescribed treatments. We have to shift thoughts and emotions, rather than use physical interventions i.e. pills.

Don’t get me wrong I love the medical industry and for some people, they would not be here today if they were not on medication but there are so many of us living on pills for the rest of our lives when we don’t have to be.

There are many diseases that with proper education, we can control with diet and lifestyle changes and we don’t need a pill to do this.

If your disease is caused by stress doesn’t it make sense that when you reduce the stress the disease will no longer be there? If it is caused by diet, does not the same logic apply?

If it is caused by a negative emotion, when you have resolved that negative emotion, wouldn’t the disease disappear too?

There is so much education that needs to happen. So many people can learn how to heal their body through therapies that do not poison us. Why do the governments put their money into keeping us sick?

What do we have to do to get them to pay to educate us about wellness? This is one of the reasons I started GHE to EMPOWER people to start thinking for themselves and putting themselves first.

When we start to do this we feel empowered and when we are empowered we can create change in this world.

The question I ask you is are you controlled or are you empowered?

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