Orthodontics Is Far More Than Just Beautiful Smile


We as human beings love to take care of ourselves and want to look good all the time. And as we speak about good look, we all know that face is the first thing that one sees. And what appeals the most is your smile.

Imagine you are walking down the street and you see bunch of kids with their beautiful smile. Now, everyone knows that orthodontist does the job of making your jaws perfect by aligning your teeth properly with the help of orthodontic treatment.

But did you know that the benefits of treatment are much more than just aesthetic? Crooked or overlapping teeth can be an eyesore, but they can also be a mouth-sore, literally.

Patients are discovering that proper orthodontic treatment can lead to better long-term health of their teeth and gums. Let’s first discuss some of the top reasons why patients seek treatment to see why orthodontics about much more than just a straight smile.

Spacing Of Teeth:

When your teeth are crooked or overlap, it becomes harder to properly clean the surface of all of your teeth. Overtime, build-up from food and drinks will lead to cavities and tooth decay.

Surrey patients who choose standard metal braces to straighten their teeth are increasing their ability to properly clean their teeth. Orthodontic Treatment adjusts the spacing between your teeth, thus helping you out with teeth space related problem.

Improper Alignment:

Teeth that are not aligned properly are called a malocclusion and create negative wear patterns on your teeth. If untreated, malocclusion can lead to teeth being worn poorly over time. That can lead to the need for bonding or veneers.

Teeth that improperly line up also create stress on the muscles supporting the jaw, which leads to jaw pain. Malocclusion can also lead to loss of bone and gum support of the teeth, which may result in loss of teeth.

An orthodontic treatment can make the alignment proper which can make look of person perfect as well as it helps in chewing and eating food properly.


An overbite results when the top teeth overlap the bottom teeth, often biting into the palate.  Overbite can result into unusual wear on the bottom teeth. The bottom teeth can become chipped, which will require repair by dentist.

An Orthodontic treatment removes those overlapping teeth and as result problem of overbite is solved.


An open-bite occurs when the front teeth do not overlap at all. This leads to excessive wear on the back teeth, resulting in chipping. Thus, orthodontic treatment again solves the issue by adjusting the alignment and thus making it proper. This makes the food eating process easier.

Orthodontic Treatment Improves Tooth Function:

Receiving treatment from orthodontist can actually improve the function of your teeth and sometimes even relieve jaw pain that is associated with the improper alignment of teeth.

Treatment can improve the wear patterns of your teeth, while at the same time setting you up for better long-term health of both teeth and gums. And while the treatment of orthodontics can be done at any age, it’s best to have the treatment when you’re young.

Orthodontic treatment can guide permanent teeth into more favourable positions, preventing more extensive work from having to be done later.

And it can also aid in other dental treatment – having properly aligned teeth can make other dental work you may need easier to complete for your dentist.

Straight teeth create a beautiful smile and can help increase your self-confidence, but most importantly, they’re better for your overall oral health.

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