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Apparently, there are an average of ‘eight’ strong common emotions that we may all experience during our normal daily life. Winning the Lotto! I have been asked to write an article about dealing with ‘Emotions’ through the practice of ‘Numerology’. Although, I’ll be honest, writing about ‘numbers’ can be a little daunting, I am also feeling excited, because, as I write, I also learn.

So, I am taking on this challenge in the hope that YOU may enjoy a little insight and better understanding of the concepts behind this system of NUMBERS.

This is ‘serendipity’ too, because first of all, I will tell you a little background about myself.

Fifteen years ago, I was diagnosed with Temporal Lobe Epilepsy, a neurological condition, where the ‘emotional transmitters’ (in my brain) have been damaged. Which means, that I can have a difficult time processing feelings.

In other words, if I fail to manage my ’emotions’ well, then, I am at risk of an overload of nervous energy and stress, which causes my mind to crash (seize).

Could you imagine, a computer, which has lost its central processing unit? It doesn’t help that I am overly sensitive and feel emotions deeply too.

So you can see it has been absolutely essential for me personally, to find real ways to cope with my happy, sad, angry and nervous reactions effectively.

One helpful tool that has been supportive over the last fifteen years, has been the concept of ‘Numerology,’ which has helped me to maintain a logical’ outlook and focus in times of any emotional turmoil and distress.’

‘You can’t stop the bad things happening, but you can choose how to react’ ~ Anon

Counting On NUMEROLOGY Matters

Hands up, if you have used or heard of the theory of Numerology yourself?

‘It’s not Rocket Science’


Using the Alpha Numeric code, we add the numerical vibration of names and words together using the sequence of:

A is 1; B is 2; C is 3; D is 4; up to ‘9’ and so on to ‘Z’ which adds up to 26.

I will let you into a little secret that has helped me to understand ‘Numerology Matters,’ and that is; that you will only ever have to learn the ‘symbolic’ values of ‘one through to nine’ (in numbers). It is as easy and as simple as that. How ironic?

I do have a confession to ‘add’ here and that is; would you believe, I hated math’s at school with a passion and lost my concentration and focus as soon as I saw ‘Numbers’ so I will understand if you have skipped the calculations but bear with me, because I hope to show you as simply as I can, that you will find that all words and numbers really do ‘add up’ and trust me, if I can do this, You definitely can!

Let’s Begin with our ‘Key-Word’
‘Totalling up ‘numbers are counted in’ like so!


(5+4+6+2+9+6+5 = ‘37’)
3+7 = ‘10’
‘3’ is our creative, communicative, diversified expression.
‘7’ seeks answers, is introspective, intuitive and analytical.
Adding both of these numbers together equals ‘10’
‘1’ is all about ‘YOU’ or ‘I’ as a unique, individual.
‘0’ symbolizes the Universal force, God, protection, or what ever you feel comfortable calling this higher power.

So What If?

This calculation has always made me wonder, if this is why, in times of great emotional turmoil, grief, pain, sadness or anger, most people naturally turn to, prayer or meditation. What do you think? …

We now look at the word:

(8+1+7+7+7) = 30
‘3’ is our creative, communicative and diversified expression.
‘0” symbolizes the Universal force.

Would you agree that this is an accurate description? I know that I am glad when I am able to freely create and communicate my passion in harmony with others.

Then, what about:
(1+6+7 = 14)
1+4 = ‘5’
‘1’ as ‘I’ as a unique, original and independent being.
‘4’ is paying attention to details, being practical, gathering facts with our conscious minds.

In Summing Up:

‘5’ is about ‘freedom, change, adaptability and adventure.

I think this is a good description of how you feel when you are cheerful.

I don’t know about you, but this has been one of the hardest emotions, I have ever had to deal with in all of my life.

(7+9+9+5+6 = 36)
3+6 = ‘9’
‘3’ is our creative, communicative and diversified expression.
‘6’ is our family and social responsibility.

In Summing Up:

‘9’ is about Selfless love, compassion, patience, endings and closure.
These are perhaps some of the most difficult and painful feelings to manage.

We’ve all had those moments right?
(1+5+7+9+7 = 29)
2+9 = ‘11’
‘2’ is about “Relationships”
‘9’ is love, compassion, patience, endings and closure.

In Summing Up;

‘11’ is a ‘Master’ Number symbolizing ‘tests, challenges, nervous energy, altruism and community.
There are no arguments from me about this one.

‘In a controversy, the instant we feel anger, we have already ceased striving for the truth, and have begun striving for ourselves’ ~ Zen proverb.

Can you see that each ‘Word’ has the same concepts and meaning or ‘feeling’ as the ‘Number’ vibration?

You can also adopt this principle for any ‘word’ of your choosing.

So, there you have it, from my experience, simple perspectives that you can always count on!

Any Questions?

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victoria-healingVictoria Healing.

If I could tell you one thing  ~ I have a burning desire for peace of mind.

After 25 years working in promotions, I understand pressure!

I know we are all different and no ‘one size’ fits all, except for ‘Numerology’

I invite you to explore with me …  Victoria Healing.

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