Healing Stories

Healing Stories

I find that when we share what has happened in our lives and how we overcome the obstacles, we give power to others to think they can do the same.

This is my story……..

For most of my life I have had a fast pace of living. Living in different countries, setting up businesses, holidays, backpacking, great social life, training. I thought I could do and have it all. For many years this was true but i was burning the candle at both ends……..

I have always had an issue with my weight although I trained at least 5 days a week and had a healthy diet, I could never seem to loose weight.

I was so frustrated because when I looked at what healthy looking people did in the gym, I would be training much harder than them and when I looked at my friends diets I was not eating as much and I was eating way healthier.

One day a few years ago at the age of 37 I started getting hot sweats, maybe 20 times a day (and of course during the night too) I thought I had started early menopause.

It was about a year later that the hot sweats had got to a point where I could no longer handle them so I went to see a Dr to see what they could do to help me.

The Dr took my blood and told me to come back in a couple of weeks. I went back into see him and he told me that I did not have menopause and that he was going to send me to an endocrinologist.

They did tests for many things including thyroid function T4. When I saw her she found out that my B12 was very low and gave me a dose of this. I had started getting signs of depression as well, along with many other symptoms.

I spoke to the specialist about my weight gain and she gave me appetite suppressants (even though I told her I did not overeat). She sent me away telling me there was nothing wrong with me.

I left her surgery feeling frustrated and very alone. I knew there was something wrong with my body but the Dr’s are telling me there is nothing wrong. By this time I had big signs of depression (this is not my personality type at all). Also my body was so fatigued.

I could no longer train and had to let my personal trainer go. No more yoga or pilates the odd walk was all I was able to do. When I walked now though I would get cramps and it would feel like I had shin splints after only a few minutes.

I was still getting the flushes, I was piling on weight, memory loss, fatigue, decreased libido, muscle cramps and aches the list goes on…..

I started researching my symptoms on the internet to try to find out what was going on with my body. At this time I went to see a naturopath as well. She sent away for many tests.

To cut a long story short she sent away hair samples that came back with high heavy metal loading, My saliva test came back with stage 3 adrenal exhaustion and my thyroid function came back with something called reverse T3 dominance.

The Dr’s do not test for everything. In fact they usually only test for T4 and as I had a problem with my T3 it was not going to show up in standard tests. My liver and many of my endocrine organs were no longer working optimally. My body was starting to shut down.

Since finding this I have had to make some lifestyle choices to aid my recovery. I no longer lead such a fast paced life (as i had been living on adrenaline and had worn out my adrenal glands).

I make sure I get lots of sleep and eat healthy. I do a lighter style of training and no longer train like a body builder would. I take time for myself. I walk by the beach. I meditate. It has been a year into my recovery now and I am feeling better each day.

The reason I am writing this is to let others know that the answer is out there. You are not alone and there is support for you. You just need to find the correct health practitioner for you. I wish you all the best if you are going through something similar. Keep strong.

Sharon White – Founder of Global Healing Exchange

I asked our Facebook community to send in some of their own healing stories as I find other peoples stories so inspiring.


This is a story sent in by Nat Carey from Queensland, Australia……..

Mine is of the emotional/mental kind and I will keep it short! In brief, here I am at 34 years of age, wife to the loyal, sexy military man, mother to non-migraine provoking daughter, materially things great and all in all life was pretty good.. on paper!

Yet despite this, I felt a suffocating anxiety and wanted more than anything to croak! Some days, I would dream when I took my motorbike out for a ride that today would be the day I’d be wiped out by a truck!

These periods came and went… but then in June last year I hit a breaking point where I couldn’t stand it any longer….

Then I hear, it is hard to explain, but the word ‘resistance’ popped into my mind ‘resistance is your problem’. I rejected this! I was well read on the subject, I had been on a spiritual quest for years!!!  I knew all about this! Then I hear ‘but are you living what you know?

It is really weird, it was like that sentence was heard in a split second, I cannot explain it properly. Anyway, from here, I don’t know where it come from, but I decided to say ‘yes’ to everything life gave me for 30 days to see if resistance to my now was my problem.

It changed my life! I still cannot believe how incredibly transforming this experiment has been and the impact it has had on my life! In all honesty, I am not an Eckhart Tolle who went from despair to bliss in one sitting! I still resist! But I am aware of it now.

And the more I soften my resistance, the better and better life gets! It has been the most rewarding and bloody mind blowing experience of my life and the energy and vibrancy I feel is wow, gosh, I honestly cannot put it eloquently enough in my words!


This is a story sent in by Jennifer who was inspired to write her memoir, Turtle Hope

Thank you for the opportunity to share my story with you. I’ll keep my story simple. After five years of experiencing infertility I was inspired to write my memoir, Turtle Hope. The book began as nothing more than a healing project for my self.

After writing about 1/3 of the book I realized that it may be able to help some people so I made a commitment to publish. After publishing my story, and the birth of my second child (smile) I began to pursue selling Turtle Hope.

All the while my journey through healing continued. My target audience is couples experiencing infertility. Through the internet I have immersed myself back into the world of infertility only to find that I am still healing… every day!

As I encourage others on their path I find unresolved wounds of my own. I have also realized the true power of healing through writing and have tried to introduce the concept to others. Healing is a journey that lasts a lifetime…if we are lucky.


We have to remember to follow our own inner guidance. If your body is telling you something is not right – trust that message. We can all heal. Our own bodies’ wisdom will help us.

I wish you all fantastic health and would like to thank you for the contributions given here.

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Sharon WhiteSharon White

If you would like to learn more and work with me one on one I would love to work with you. I am passionate about people having a voice, being heard and creating the change you want in your life.

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