Healing Relationships. How Do I Heal & Find Love?

Healing Relationships

“Why does everyone else seem to find love so easily?”

It’s the $64 million question that men and women always ask me, I’ll be honest, I get your frustration. You’re beautiful, accomplished, funny, caring, highly successful and financially stable.

You’re a total catch. You’re committed, capable and you excel in virtually every aspect of your life.  But for some reason, love and finding love is a mystifying prospect that just doesn’t seem to work out for you.

Your Relationship Patterns

You might find yourself constantly jumping from one long-term relationship to the next, in a perpetual cycle of love and pain. The process always starts in the same way: caught in the heady connection of the initial romance, the love feels perfect and serendipitous.

Then, as the two year anniversary approaches, you find yourself feeling angry, constantly criticising your partner and pushing them to change. The common ground you once shared slips from under your feet and without even realising it, it somehow all disintegrates.

You crawl out from the relationship wreckage feeling the weight of disappointment once again: all that time, energy and investment. You say to your friends: “I guess it just wasn’t meant to be.” But inside, you wonder: “What’s wrong with me? How has this happened again?”

Or, you might be the one who flits between first dates. Like a Trojan, you pound the online dating circuit and meet and greet and present your best self each evening: “It’s a numbers game, right?”

At first, there’s a thrill and the whole process gives you a sense of confidence and validation, because the singles scene seems quite taken by you and there’s no shortage of people wanting to find out about you.

But then, as the months pass and each evening ends in wasted hopeful anticipation, your heart feels empty, you’re exhausted and the grind gets to you. You’re over it.

Heartfelt Healing Relationships With Self & Partner With Robert Kirby

Finding Love Starts With You

It doesn’t matter which situation you’re in: finding love and connecting with your love is not about changing your partner and their flaws.

It’s also not about where you look or what you’re doing to meet your soul mate. It’s never about changing your external circumstances or searching for something outside of yourself to fill that void.

Instead, as strange as it sounds, it’s about turning the mirror on yourself and looking at the way you can let go of the negative beliefs and past pain that’s holding you back.  Because it’s only then that you can unlock your heart and raise your vibration to attract the right partner.

Get rid of the blocks that have closed your heart!

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