Collectively – We Can Change The World

Change The World

Everything in the entire Universe is comprised of energy ie. Everything has an ‘energy vibration’ therefore everything is alive. This includes plants, animals, Planet Earth and human beings – even the chair you are sitting on has an energy vibration.

Although vibrating at a slower, heavier frequency than a human being or tree, a chair is comprised of energy and is vibrating all the same. Despite the varying vibrational frequencies, all energy in the Universe is ‘connected’ and has an effect upon the whole.

On Planet Earth the most powerful energy vibrations are human thoughts and emotions. That’s right! Your invisible thoughts and emotions contain the most powerful energy frequencies of all.

Not only do they have the ability to influence the circumstances of your life, they have the ability to influence the circumstances upon Planet Earth! Together humanity forms what is known as the ‘collective consciousness’, and ‘collectively’ our every thought and emotion can create a better world.

Together we have the ability to reduce natural disasters, cure illnesses and end wars, but our combined thought energy must reach ‘critical mass’ before it can effect the whole.

Please don’t dismiss this information as airy fairy nonsense, because we legitimately have a chance to turn this world around.

By embracing this as ‘truth’ alongside the Waitaha, Maori, Hopi, Maya and countless other ancient and indigenous cultures around the world, you help to raise the collective consciousness of our beloved Planet Earth.

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Michelle Buchanan – Numerologist & Law Of Attraction Practitioner, TVNZ “Good Morning” & “Woman’s Day” Numerologist

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