A Look At Healing Properties Of Sulfur Prills

Sulfur Prills

Sulfur prills are small pellets of elemental sulfur produced by melting sulfur in water until fizzing stops.

Sulfur has been used by medical practitioners in past ages for relieving various illnesses because of its antibacterial and antifungal properties.

Even though sulfur is not toxic to humans and has little to no side effects, you should always seek the advice of a doctor before trying out any home remedies using sulfur prills.

Here are some possible healing properties of sulfur prills:

Combating Dandruff And Dry Scalp

Many scalp creams and ointments contain sulfur or sulfur compounds. Research has shown that these compounds effectively fight against dandruff and dry, itchy scalp.

It can also promote hair growth and keep your hair strands strong and shiny.

Sulfur does all this without damaging your hair because keratin, the main component found in hair, is majorly made up of sulfur-based compounds. Using a sulfur-based shampoo daily can get rid of your dandruff in less than 5 weeks.

If you want to try out a home remedy, look for pure sulfur for sale and dissolve it in water. Use the solution as a hair rinse at least three times a week. However, the smell of sulfur may be repulsive to some people.

To help with this, the pungent smell can be masked by applying an anti-dandruff essential oil on the scalp and hair, like tea tree oil.

Fighting Skin Infections And Acne

Sulfur has been proven to relieve many skin infections, including scabies (caused by mites), dermatitis, rosacea, and psoriasis.

Also, several antifungal and antibacterial skin creams contain sulfur or salicylic acid, which is known to be effective against such illnesses.

Moreover, sulfur can be used to do away with stubborn pimples and mild acne by soaking up excess oil and killing any acne-causing microbes.

Most acne cases are caused by bacteria found deep inside the skin, which causes inflammation.

Historically, medical practitioners have asked their patients to soak in a bathtub filled with dissolved sulfur for half an hour every day to fight against skin infections.

However, some people have reported side effects like itchiness after undergoing a sulfur treatment for their skin conditions.

Used As A Laxative And Detoxifier

As we get older, it becomes harder for our bodies to get rid of waste substances from the body.

An oral administration of sulfur prills can loosen the bowels of people suffering from constipation or indigestion.

Moreover, it will cleanse the body from impurities stuck in the digestive tract. This treatment is prepared by dissolving a pinch of sulfur prills in warm water and having the patient drink it.

Also, sulfur has been proven to detoxify the body. It is known for its ability to cause the skin and kidneys to secrete toxin waste in the form of sweat and urine. Most of the time, this happens without any discomfort.

When the body is made to produce more urine and sweat, excess toxins are forced out of the body, improving general health.

Also, this process leaves your blood purified and clean, which is vital for maintaining good health. However, if you have any pre-existing kidney diseases, you should avoid using sulfur as a remedy.

Treating Respiratory Illnesses

Many patients suffering from pulmonary diseases like asthma have testified to finding relief in some sulfur-based treatments.

The iconic greek physician Hippocrates was known to use a sulfur fumigation room for patients with persistent coughs.

In some cases, sulfur causes the patient to expel mucus and phlegm through coughing and hawking. This clears the air pathways, making it easier to breathe.

If you want to try a sulfur treatment for chronic respiratory diseases at home, you can do a steaming session with sulfur frills added to hot, boiling water in a small bucket. The aim is to inhale the sulfur under safe, controlled conditions.

Doing a sulfur steaming session every day for two weeks can alleviate any breathing problems and possibly reverse them altogether.

Wrapping Up

In conclusion, sulfur is a versatile element that has various healing properties.

If you have breathing problems, mild acne, persistent dandruff, and bad constipation, you may benefit from using sulfur prills in some simple, safe home treatments.

Ensure you inform your doctor first to confirm if it will be safe for you.

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