What Is The Meaning Of Life?


The question of the meaning of one’s life gets inevitably raised before any man who matures in his development, moving up from the instinctive-reflexive stage to the really human one, at which intellect begins to dominate in choosing the way of living and conduct.

Many philosophers have been racking their brains over this question. But the majority of them were not able to comprehend the true God’s philosophy.

As a result, the question about the meaning of human life was “declared” by many philosophers to be a “pseudo-question”, i.e. the one that cannot be answered by its own nature.

This atheistic concept assumed, in fact, that man is not dramatically different from animals and the objective meaning of his existence on the Earth is just… reproduction, ensuring the survival of the human race and creation of material values for the descendants.

But the Truth is that there is the meaning of human life.

In order to understand it, one has to understand first the essence of the Evolution of consciousness

The Evolution of the Universal Consciousness goes on by means of incarnating particles of Its Energy into material bodies and through further development of the latter in those bodies.

The process of growth of every such energy particle begins on lattices of minerals and then proceeds sequentially in vegetal, animal, and human bodies.

At the human stage of development — after many successful incarnations into human bodies — every such energy unit (unit of consciousness, soul), that represents a “lump” of self-aware and intelligent energy, receives an opportunity to merge with the Creator and thus to enrich Him with itself.

Thus, the meaning of human life consists in conscious development of oneself (as a consciousness, soul) in the qualitative and quantitative aspects, with the goal of attaining Divinity and merging with the Creator.

Positive Evolution Of Individual Consciousnesses Has Two Main Aspects: Qualitative & Quantitative.

The quantitative aspect is represented by direct growth of the “lump” of the individual soul’s energy — from the miniature to the cosmic size.

One can say that the development of man on the Path toward Merging with God consists in the growth of the consciousness that expands from the anahata chakra.

Development of oneself as a spiritual heart is the only way of approaching the Creator, cognizing Him, and Merging with Him.

It is not difficult to perform this process if one has the necessary knowledge and knows the methods of this kind of work (including meditations on special places of power, specially suited for each level of initiation, as well as other techniques).

But it is much more difficult to ensure the qualitative perfection of the soul.

Qualitative development of the soul consists of three components: ethical, intellectual, and also refinement.

The ethical component implies a compassionate and caring attitude toward all forms of life,

Ethical self-correction also implies total elimination of all qualities of the soul that are incompatible with the principle of Love: i.e. various forms of anger, violence, arrogance, self-admiration, egoistic sexuality, and other manifestations of human egocentrism. It is to be done by means of conscious penitence and self-control.

The ethical component of the development of man also implies cultivation of love for the Creator and devotion to Him — accompanied with gradual replacement of self-centeredness with God-centeredness.

Intellectual development also has three components: enrichment of erudition, the creative component, and the ability to discriminate between false and true views.

In order to acquire these qualities it is helpful to get an education, to participate in various social activities on helping other people in everything that is good, to study religious experience of many schools, as well as to have personal religious experience.

The third component of the qualitative aspect of the individual soul’s development consists in the refinement (increasing the level of subtlety) of the consciousness.

It is by the level of their subtlety (or coarseness) that spatial dimensions of the multidimensional Absolute differ. They are like discreet radio frequency ranges. The subtlest layer of the Universal Consciousness is the Creator.

On the opposite end there is the abode of devils and demons; this is hell.

An individual consciousness after death of the body, finds itself in that spatial dimension to which state it habituated itself during life in the body.

Therefore, we should hurry to eliminate all coarse emotional states in ourselves and by all means foster the subtlest ones — for the death of the physical body is nearing every day.

The mastering of volitional regulation of one’s own emotions is called the art of psychic self-regulation.

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