Things You Can Expect During A Comprehensive Eye Exam

Comprehensive Eye Exam

Many who cross the age of 40 years will definitely experience some vision problems. People within this age limit also need to undergo some eye tests. Only then, you can understand how accurate your vision and eyesight are, regardless of the age.

Sometimes, the solution is wearing reading glasses or contact lenses. There is a test to find the defects in the eyes of each person.

How To Find The Strength Of Reading Glasses

Presbyopia is the condition of normal loss of near focusing ability. When a person experiences it, first he/she needs to check for reading glass power and labels mentioned below.

  • +1.0
  • +1.5
  • +2.25
  • +3.0
  • +3.5
  • +4.0

What Are The Tests Conducted During The Eye Examination?

Optometrists conduct a variety of tests and procedures in order to get an idea of what the condition of the eye is. They check every aspect of the disease and try to provide you with the best solution and treatment.

A good optometrist will make sure to give you details of the issue and also provide you with the best treatment possible. Some of the eye tests are:

#1. Visual Acuity Test: The first and foremost test that one can perform is to measure the sharpness of the vision. The eye tests start with a projected chart and they measure the distance visual acuity.

Apart from that, one can even use the small hand-held chart to measure the vision. There is modern equipment  to check the power of your eyes.

#2. Color Blindness Test: The other name of color blindness test is a screening test. One can check the color vision with the help of comprehensive eye exam. On the other hand, it can easily rule out color blindness.

Another benefit for the eye test is that they detect color deficiencies and they help to alert the eye problems related to other health issues.

#3. Cover Test: Here comes the most favorable and common way of a test for the eye doctors. Most of the time patients are asked to take the test so that they can get assistance quickly.

During this eye tests, the doctor asks you to focus on small objects and check both eyes. They cover every object in an alternate manner and check for the eye vision. With this test, the doctors can assess, whether the eye needs treatment or not.

To conclude more precisely, they can get you more detail about subtle binocular vision problem.

#4. Eye Movement Testing: This Ocular motility test detects the accuracy of eye rotation. The eye tests are very useful to determine, how well the eyes follow the fixation on different objects.

Do not worry about the complexity in testing. The procedure follows as the doctor asks them to keep their head still and slowly to move the target. They make sure you can see the target.

While you are moving your eyes, it is easy to determine the position has some distance from each other.

#5. Depth Perception Test: The eye test that helps to describe the normal depth perception and the 3-dimensional nature of objects is depth perception or stereopsis. Most commonly, one can wear the pair of glasses and can look at the booklet.

One needs to check for the test patterns and their circle pattern.

If you ever feel concerned about your eye, do not hesitate to visit the doctor for eye tests and mention all the difficulties and uneasiness you are facing.

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