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doctor won’t listen to me

Help! My Doctor Won’t Listen To Me.

What to do when your doctor downplays your symptoms? (and how to politely disagree with them). There are many people that feel their doctor won't...
Breast Cancer Prevention

Breast Cancer Prevention – Make An Impact

October is breast cancer awareness month, and pink ribbons are everywhere. Want to really make an impact on breast cancer prevention this month? Cleaning up...
How We Help To Cause & Cure Cancer In Ourselves

How We Help To Cause & Cure Cancer In Ourselves

After years of telling people chemotherapy is the only way to try ('try', being the key word) to eliminate cancer, we are finally starting...
BBC NEWS Cannabis Compound Halts Cancer

BBC NEWS: Cannabis Compound Halts Cancer

"A compound found in cannabis may stop breast cancer spreading throughout the body, US scientists believe." The California Pacific Medical Center Research Institute team...